5 Reasons Why Home Laser Hair Removal is Amazing

fiveWe love home laser hair removal. Out of all the recent home beauty devices released, they’re by far our favourite.  But why do we think this? Read on!

1. Convenience

Convenience can count for a lot in our day-to-day life. Every single hour is precious; there’s nothing more frustrating than wasted time. Think of how much time you spend getting various beauty treatments. It’s a lot isn’t it? But think how much of that time is actually spent getting the treatment and how much is spent waiting, travelling, arranging appointments and planning. Depending on how close your local salon or clinic is, hours of your time could be spent before you’ve even had your first treatment!

With home devices it’s simple. You just take the treatment whenever you have some free time. Even 10 minutes is enough. No time is wasted on anything else. Home systems really can save hours of your time every month. Think what else you could do with that time!

2. Ease of Use

If you’ve had the treatment done at a clinic you’ll have seen all the various settings and laser types. Sometimes they look more like super computers than beauty devices!

That’s why it’s so incredible that the home devices are easy to use. Most systems have a simple point and click interface on which you can choose 5 intensity settings. Some even beep at you when it’s time to go onto the next area of your body. This makes it very hard to do one area for too long. It couldn’t be any more simple really; absolutely anyone can do it.

3. Incredible Safety

Closely related to the above point is the safety of the devices. How often do you hear of someone injuring or hurting themselves with a home device? We’ve never heard of it! They won’t work at all on skin types which are unsuitable (if the skin is too dark or the device can’t pick up the hair color). So there’s practically no risk at all if you’re sensible. They’re no way near as powerful as the large machines you get in a salon so even if you make a few mistakes, like going over the same area more than once, the worst you’re likely to get is sore red skin.

4. Size

How many times smaller is a home device when compared to a professional device? 10? 50? Even 100? It’s absolutely crazy that a device which offers similar results can be so much smaller. They really are a wonder of technological achievement.  Of course some devices are bigger than others, and the fact that they’re smaller may mean certain areas take quite a while to do. Especially an area like the back. But it’s still very impressive! Some of them are even hand held too and can be recharged. This makes their size even more impressive.

5. Respectable Results

People are expecting too much if they want treatments which are as good as the ones they’d get from a clinic. No it’s not as good as treatment from a clinic. But you can’t expect it to be. Think about the:

  • Size
  • Power
  • Fact that they’re hand held
  • User friendliness
  • Safety features

There’s no way that a device which has those features can also be as powerful. It’s just not possible with the current technology.

You however can get a permanent reduction in hair growth if you use the right device such as the Tria. If your hair does start to grow back a little then it’s no problem at all – you own the device! You’ll even need to get top up sessions if you get the treatment done by a pro. Remember – no laser hair removal treatment is 100% permanent, but ownership of the home devices can be.