We provide people with the information they need to make decisions beauty treatments they receive. We also like to think we’re a resource for looking at the best and latest beauty technology on the market. Finally we also provide information and advice on cosmetic based problems like skin conditions.

So basically we try to help our readers with non surgery based cosmetic beauty, whether it’s to do with the skin or otherwise.

So What Qualifies us to Write About These Things?

First of all it should be made clear that unless mentioned, the articles are not written by doctors and shouldn’t be seen as medical advice.

Apart from our massive interest in everything to do with cosmetics, health & beauty we have had experience writing for other beauty based websites. It was this love of writing which caused CosmetBeauty.com to be formed. We’ve also had experience with loads of beauty based products and understand the industry as a whole from personal experience.

What We Believe

We believe that you can see great improvements in your cosmetic image without the need for invasive surgery. So for these reasons we’re going to stay away from looking at risky procedures. We also think that procedures which aren’t scientifically tested shouldn’t be treated in the same way as those which are. So we may look at a procedure which is meant to help in some way, but if there isn’t much proof that it works, we’ll say so.

History and the Future

The site started in early 2013 with just a few pages and has steadily grown since. We aim to keep on answering the questions that people have. To do this we’ll keep on researching, writing and reviewing everything relevant to cosmetic beauty. We aim to be the most trusted authority on the internet for getting the cosmetic & health based information you need.