An Overview of Popular Beauty Treatments


  • Spray Tanning – The process of applying certain chemicals to the skin which look like a real tan.
  • Teeth Whitening – The best way to get those perfect white teeth you’ve always wanted.
  • Microdermabrasion – Removes the top layer of skin which helps with aging & skin problems.
  • Cosmetic Injections – Injections which can help adjust the face & reduce wrinkles.
  • Laser Resurfacing – How lasers can help reduce wrinkles, smooth the skin & eliminate blemishes.

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The list of beauty procedures you can get is constantly growing. It has become less and less clear what a certain procedure actually does.

Hopefully the following pages will go some way to helping you understand the details of a few of them.

All treatments we look at don’t involve surgery or high risk treatments. We try to explore safe options which hopefully will achieve your goals too.

We’ve made a costs spreadsheet which estimates the costs of treatments dependant on several criteria. See it here.

A Quick History of Beauty

egyptThe first time any sort of cosmetics were used were way back in Ancient Egypt. Both men and women wore eye-liner as they believed they had magical powers. You can bet that the Pharaohs didn’t apply cosmetics themselves either! So we can speculate that this was the first time in history that people actually provided a cosmetic service to others. A process similar to sugaring was also done around this time. Maybe the first ever hair removal?.

The first razors had been in existence since the bronze age but evolved in the 18th and 19th centuries when barber shops became popular. Of course hairdressers were around at this time too. However at this time there were still very few real beauty procedures like the treatments we have today. Obviously there was little unnecessary surgery because of the risk of infection and lack of anesthetic. One of the first cosmetic procedures was in 1917 when a flap of skin was attached to the eye of a British sailor who lost his eyelids during the war.

Tattooing has been in human culture for a very long time, and in a way it was one of the first real procedures because of how old it is. It was mainly used as a mark of status or rank.

Having a tan wasn’t always considered a good thing, in the 1920’s that changed. People wanted to look tanned. Of course there are lots of problems associated with staying in the sun for too long, and tanning bulbs were just as bad, so people wanted an alternative. That’s how spray tanning was born.

Electrolysis was actually being performed in 1875 in which it was used to remove an ingrown hair. It’s come a long way since and has led to laser hair removal and other laser based treatment. Today our technology is good enough to provide loads of devices capable of providing beauty treatments. Within the last 50 years it has really taken off. Who knows what the future holds?

Invasive vs Non Invasive Treatments

Non invasive procedures aren’t as traumatic to the patient while invasive procedures are. However sometimes (in cases of life threatening illness) invasive surgery is needed. Invasive surgery, as you can probably guess presents a greater risk to the patient. So it’s high risk, high gain. medic

High risk, cosmetically speaking, would be procedures like cosmetic surgery, liposuction and tummy tucks. You get very noticeable results, but there are risks involved.

There are varying levels of risks within invasive treatments. Botox injections are invasive – they break the skin. But there’s hardly any risk involved at all.

Non invasive procedures can still get amazing results. But they need to be done over a long period of time. They are safer, less painful and less traumatic. They’re usually cheaper too. If you’re considering an invasive treatment, it may be a good idea to see if there’s a less invasive alternative first.

How Effective Are They? – The Science

We really do encourage you to research all treatments fully on this site before you get them. We’ll try to be as honest as we can about their chances of success. The only treatments which you should take are those backed up by scientific evidence. If you rely on testimonials or manufacturer information there’s a chance you could be taken in by the hype.

Here are a few other resources you can use in your research:

You can usually reach your own decision using common sense.

Luckily the majority of treatments are backed up by evidence. There is a lot of research and development going into cosmetic products and technology. They must go through extensive testing before they can make a certain claim thanks to the FDA (linked in the above resources).

However word of mouth and testimonials from trusted sources still have their place in your research. If your friends get a certain treatment done, and say how good it is, then it’s likely to give you great results. But don’t believe everything you read online. Reviews can easily be faked. Look out for balanced honest reviews which state the advantages, as well as disadvantages of the treatments.

Typical Costs

We’ll look how much each treatment costs in each individual section. But let’s look at some factors which may make a difference as to how much you’ll be charged:

  • The part of the United States you’re in. Price of treatment will usually be higher in certain cities in certain states.
  • How much treatment you need (N/A for some treatments). If you’re just going for a quick top up session this won’t cost any way near as much as your first session. It’s simple really, the more work they need to do at the clinic, the more expensive it’s going to be.
  • The quality of the treatment will dictate the cost to an extent. If you’re going to the best clinics and salons in the country it’s obviously going to be more expensive than average. Sometimes it’s better to pay more and know you’re getting a good quality treatment.
  • Sometimes you may need several treatments. Substantial savings can be made if you buy several treatments in one go. Some salons & clinics may also offer some sort of loyalty scheme to their customers. This is worth while if you know you’re going to be back for further treatments.

From all that you can see why some of the costs differ so much. It’s hard to give accurate estimates. The best thing to do is use Google to search for prices in your local area.