10 Beauty Secret Hacks

We found this great video on youtube and thought we’d share! 10 Beauty Secret Hacks Models DON’T Want You to Know. Some really great advice that we couldn’t put better ourselves. Here is a rundown of the content:

  1. Double Cleansing (1:19)
  2. Smoother Shaves (2:00)
  3. Makeup Free Gym (3:40)
  4. Ice Your Face (4:07)
  5. Swab Your Creams (4:39)
  6. Skip Hair Days (5:08)
  7. Clean Water Rinse (5:44)
  8. Drink Up (6:16)
  9. Potato Eye Bags (6:49)
  10. No Touching (7:29)

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The Top 10 Most Useful Health & Beauty Apps

Health and beauty apps are starting to get a lot better over the last few years. But there are just so many of them – let’s take a look at some of the best ones currently out there. Whether you want to lose weight, eat more healthfully, or find the best products to fix your skin imperfections, these apps will help you achieve the look you desire.


MyFitnessPal makes keeping a food diary super simple. You can easily log everything you eat in the app. You can scan the bar codes of foods you eat to log your food intake as well. MyFitnessPal remembers what foods you eat most often, making them even easier to log. When you go out to eat, you can make healthy food choices; the app has nutritional information for thousands of restaurant menu items. You can also sync your activity tracker to the app, and MyFitnessPal will tell you how many calories you can consume based on whether you want to gain, maintain, or lose weight and over what period of time.

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LumaRx Full Body IPL IPL6800USA Hair Removal Device Review

The LumaRx is a high end laser system which claims to be the only device which is used in salons. It’s more expensive than some of the other devices at around $450. Let’s have a a look if it’s worth the price.


The device has a similar appearance to other systems which have a main unit, and a attached laser device. This is opposed to the devices which are just a stand alone unit. Being in two parts usually means that the device is capable of more power output, and therefore better results, because it’s connected to the mains. However this is only a theoretical rule. The LumaRx claims to offer permanent hair reduction and provides clinical studies to show this. The LumaRx like other devices isn’t great at treating dark skin, and blonde / ginger / gray hair. However it’s better than the other devices in this respect – it can still treat people with dark blonde hair and dark but not black skin. So if your skin is darker than average it could be one of the few options available to you.

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mē Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device Review

This is a low cost offering from newcomers mē. Is it possible we all know that in the world of laser hair removal, it’s a situation of you get what you pay for, but is the mē Smooth a good device for its price? There’s also another feature to the mē Smooth – uniquely it works on all skin types. Even darker tones.


mē Smooth has very similar to the other devices we’ve looked at. It’s design is of the – smaller united attached to a larger unit – type. Similar to the Silk’n Sense. This may be take up a little bit more room overall but the actual hair removal portion of the system is usually lighter and more maneuverable. It 3 intensity settings – low medium and high and once switched on, all you need to do is press it against your skin, and move to a new area after a flash. This devices flashes a little faster than some of the others so you can treat quite a large area very quickly.

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Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System Review

Adjusted Reviews & Score from Around the Web

“Adjusted” means we have filtered out the fake reviews, “sponsored” reviews and reviews where the customer didn’t use the device properly (for example they used the device once and gave up). You can read more about our reviews process on our main reviews page.

  • Amazon.com – 217 reviews – 3.6 Stars. We have adjusted this to 3.8 because of a customer not liking the country it was manufactured in and problems in relation to the fulfilment of the item.
  • Amazon.co.uk – 69 reviews – 3.9 Stars. This is a fair score, there were some customers who gave the device insufficient time for the item to work, but there were also some positive reviews where the customer got the item for free.
  • Sephora [Large beauty retailer] – N/A
  • ulta.com [Large beauty retailer] – N/A
  • makeupalley.com [Beauty reviews site] – 8 reviews – 5 Stars – These reviews seem genuine.

Weighted average of all reviews = 3.85

Philips have a reputation for providing a range of high quality electronic devices. But laser hair removal is a bit of a new venture for them. However they do have a background in health products and lighting. Perhaps it could be the perfect combo? So let’s have a look at their first device with the Lumea Comfort IPL.

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