What Are The Best Under Eye Wrinkle Creams?

The eyes are an incredibly important part of the body when it comes to beauty. But it’s common to find older women developing wrinkles around that area, especially under them. Since the skin and tissue around the eye is very delicate, fine lines and even discoloration is common. Finding an under eye wrinkle cream that will eliminate these aging signs or at least minimize their appearance, can be a real challenge. We look at a few of the best on this page.

There are a variety of wrinkle creams which can be used under the eye, many in the market do provide satisfactory results but as always be wary of miracle cures promising more than they can deliver. However, it is important to note that not all of the creams will work the same on different people. So unfortunately you can never really know the best cream for you, until you try it.

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Using Genital Hair Removal Cream – A Good Idea?

Removing hair from the genital area can be a, let’s say “scary process” for men and women alike. One way people think about removing hair is through removal creams. They offer easy application and sometimes work as an effective remedy. However there are a number of things you should still keep in mind when using the creams. Here we’ll look at if it’s a good idea or not.

First a quick word on how the creams work. The cream is classified as a depilatory. This means it breaks down the chemical bonds of your hair. Your hair, after a few minutes, then becomes weak enough to be scraped off. It’s kind of like your hairs are dissolving and crumbling away.

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Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light Reviewed – Another Breakthrough?

tria blueYou’ll have heard of Tria from their laser hair removal devices. But now they have another product on the market – the skin perfecting blue light. Is it as revolutionary as their hair removal devices?

So What Exactly Is It?

The Tria skin perfecting blue light is meant to eliminate the under skin bacteria which cause acne & skin problems. It’s a non invasive treatment so can be used every day, unlike some of the harsh creams on the market. You don’t get flaky and dry skin like you get with the creams too. Just 5 minutes a day is all it takes. Clean, quick and side effect free skin treatment which clears blemishes and helps stop future break outs.

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Top LED Lamps For Gel Nails

Gel based nail manicures are becoming increasingly popular. They’ve got quite a few advantages over regular polish. They last much longer, up to 2-3 weeks yet still look incredibly natural. They also are odourless so don’t have that nasty chemical smell.

Not only can they be done be done at a salon, it’s possible to do the treatment yourself at home too. A key stage of the treatment is the LED lamps which dry and harden the nails. These can be expensive, but to ensure good results you want to buy a high quality system. These products will also be suitable for professionals offering services in a salon.

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Top Hair Removal Creams Reviewed

Hair removal methods all have their disadvantages. For example waxing can be painful. There is absolutely no doubt about it. But shaving can take ages and sometimes you can risk getting cuts. Other methods like laser hair removal may be too expensive.

Hair removal creams are another decent alternative. If you want to avoid pain, get the job done quickly, and not spend too much then they’re a good option. All you have to do is apply an even layer of cream on the area that needs to be treated and then leave it for several minutes. Then the hair should be easy to scrape off. But there are several creams available on the market. Is there any difference between them?

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The Remington Smooth and Silky Epilator – How Good is it?

reminton-epilatorWe’re quite big fans of epilators. They can provide fast results, which last for a long time. Essentially they combine the best elements of other hair removal methods. They combine the ease of shaving, with the long-lasting results of waxing. Here we look at the Remington Smooth and Silky.

Product Overview

Epilators in the past weren’t the best. Some didn’t pluck hairs out properly, others were just too painful. Some were close to torture devices! But as technology has advanced so has the quality of these devices. The Smooth and Silky epilator uses 42 tweezers which pluck the hair out at the root.

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The Best Waxing Kits For Home Use

Waxing is a popular form of hair removal because of its ability to pull out hairs from the root. The result of this is delayed growth of hair on the area that has been waxed for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of eight weeks.

There are various ways in which waxing can be done but this usually depends on the person having it done as well as the particular area on the body that is being waxed. Most times the waxing is done by a professional who can provide good all over results. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of having waxing done at a beauty salon is the cost attached to it, which is very high most of the time. Also it can really eat into your time if you need to book an appointment and travel to the salon.

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Silk n FaceFX Reviewed. Too Good To Be True?

silknfacefxAging is inevitable, but looking old can be avoided – at least for a while. That is what the Silk n Face FX anti-aging device promises its customers. This device is used on the face and is an incredibly technologically advanced piece of equipment. Especially when compared to similar products in the area of skin rejuvenation, wrinkle combat and general improvement of skin texture.

Essentially the Silk n Face FX can be used at home to delay the appearance of old age using light and heat. Not only is the system non invasive (it doesn’t break the skin), you can use it whenever and wherever you want. So there’s no need for repeat costly treatment. Just buy the device, and that’s it.

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PediNova III Electric Manicure Set: An Overview

<pedinova 3The PediNova III is like the Swiss army knife of nail equipment. It can give you any number of manicure & pedicure treatments. It’s the sort of device that when you have it, you have no idea how you managed without it!

If you’re serious about your nails then it’s pretty much an essential buy. Not only can it save time, but it can make your nails look fantastic too. Let’s take a closer look…


So what can it do? The PediNova III comes with a wide selection of 14 tools and 4 different speed settings. Using these setting you can:

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Over The Counter Facial Peels

You’ll have surely heard of facial peels (sometimes called a chemical peel) which you can get from spas and salons. It smooths the texture of the skin using a chemical solution which removes the dead skin cells. The skin underneath is usually much smoother and less wrinkled. There are also home based over the counter kits available. While these may sound like a great way to burn half your face off, they’re actually pretty safe if used correctly. They’re quite low strength strength so, unlike some spa treatments, there won’t be excessive peeling. The worst side effect you’re likely to get flaky skin & redness. So don’t let the scary “chemical peel” phrase put you off!

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Tria 4X Home Laser Hair Removal System Review

Adjusted Reviews & Score from Around the Web

“Adjusted” means we have filtered out the fake reviews, “sponsored” reviews and reviews where the customer didn’t use the device properly (for example they used the device once and gave up). You can read more about our reviews process on our main reviews page.

  • Amazon.com – 622 reviews – 3.6 Stars. We have adjusted this to 3.9 because of a large amount of reviews where the product has been used incorrectly, and on wrong skin types, and people who have a lower pain tolerance than average. This device does hurt more than the others but is also more effective.
  • Amazon.co.uk – 47 reviews – 3.7 Stars. We have adjusted this to 4 stars for similar reasons to above.
  • Sephora [Large beauty retailer] – 284 reviews – 4.2 Stars – No adjustments needed. All seem fair and genuine.
  • ulta.com [Large beauty retailer] – 46 reviews – 3.8 Stars – Adjusted up to 3.8 stars. Insufficient time used for a few reviews.
  • makeupalley.com [Beauty reviews site] – 83 reviews – 3.5 – Adjusted to 3.6 – Insufficient use admitted for low reviews.

Weighted average of all reviews = 3.96

4x-triaYou must have heard of the Tria laser hair removal device. It’s one of the most popular home laser hair removal systems on the market. And for good reason.

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