How To Avoid Ingrown Hairs When Shaving & Waxing

wax-solutionIt can be a real nightmare getting rid of ingrown hairs. Once they happen once, they’re going to be back time and time again unless you do something. If you’ve got quite a few which need relieving then this can take absolutely ages. The best method is to try and not get them in the first place. On this page we’ll hopefully provide advice on how to do this.


The first and most obvious method to reduce ingrown hairs is this; stop shaving! This will massively reduce the amount of ingrown hairs you get. Or you could just trim certain areas rather than fully shaving them. Since your hairs are still sticking out of the skin after a trim, there’s no way they can become ingrown.

While this may be good advice for men while shaving the face, and women when shaving the pubic region, it’s not perfect in all areas. For example trimming the leg hair simply won’t be enough to get the results you want.


Before you shave make sure your has been fully exfoliated on the area you’re going to shave. As we mention here dead skin cells can clog the follicle increasing the chance that the hair will not grow properly. If the follicle is clogged the hair could get stuck and grow into the skin. Exfoliation can prevent this.

You should also make sure that:

  • You have a blade which is still sharp (if using a razor). If it isn’t there a chance it won’t cut the hair properly.
  • A bath before shaving can also help; it makes the hair softer and allows the shaving to be easier and much more even.
  • Use shaving cream, preferably non alcohol based. Alcohol can dry out the skin and cause irritation.

Reduce Irritation

The easier, cleaner, and less irritating the shave, the less chances of ingrown hair. Some people may find that an electric razor works better on their skin and produces less ingrown hair. This however will depend on the individual.


Some of the same advice can be given for waxing. So exfoliation and a hot bath or shower before you’re going to start can really help.

Don’t Overdo It

You should also try not to wax too much. Don’t do it every few weeks or the hair may be too short. This may cause the hair to break and rip when they come out. These uneven and jagged hairs are much more likely to become ingrown compared to ones which are cleanly plucked.

Not waxing too often will also give your hair follicles time to repair themselves. Some damage may be caused when the hair is quickly pulled out. This damage to the inside of the follicle may prevent hair from cleanly growing out.

One Area at a Time

As with shaving, try to minimize trauma to the skin as much as possible. Consequently try and only wax each area one; don’t go over it loads of time. Also pull off the strips cleanly and smoothly to reduce hair breakage and changing the angle at which the hair grows.