Beauty Treatments Cost Calculator

We’ve got a free excel calculator for you to download here. You’ll be able to edit certain values such as:

  • The cost of living
  • Reputation of the clinic
  • Number of treatments
  • Consultation fee

Then depending of these values, and the cost of theĀ initialĀ treatment, a rough value is calculated. The spreadsheet looks like this (but you’ll be able to edit the values).

Hopefully soon we’ll be able to properly embed it into the page. Anyway here’s the link:


Remember some treatments (like laser resurfacing) you’ll only need one of. Other treatments the “treatment area” will be a set size. In those situations just set the cell to “normal”.

We hope it can be at least more accurate than giving you a rough range. But remember it’s still making a lot of estimations. So could be well out. What sort of values are you getting? Do they seem realistic? Do you want more treatments added? Leave a comment!