The Best Teeth Whitening Solutions

toothpasteNot everyone will need, or want the same sort of teeth whitening.

But there are loads of options on the market so knowing what the right treatment for you is can be tricky. But there can be massive differences in the overall cost and results from a single treatment. Here we will assess each teeth whitening option in turn.

It’s all about finding the right solution for you,¬†which is very subjective.

When Should You Get…

Professional Whitening

Professional whitening is for those who want the best results, and aren’t afraid to pay for them. Although there is a big range in quality with professional whitening, a decent dentist should be able to give you those perfect white teeth you desire. If you’re not comfortable with administering the treatment yourself and want teeth which are much whiter then it’s the best option. Especially good for those who are worried about safety.

Home Whitening Kits

Home whitening is a compromise between price, results and convenience. Some very good results can be obtained with home whitening kits. Especially the professional ones. Use this treatment if you’re confident with doing the procedure yourself. For the person who doesn’t have time for cosmetic treatment, the home kits can also be a good choice. You just take the treatment whenever and wherever you want. They may not give you the very best results, but it may be a good idea to try teeth whitening out before you buy an expensive professional treatment.

Whitening Toothpaste

Minor results, but cheap and convenient. Whitening toothpaste is best for those who just want their teeth to be a little brighter, but aren’t in a rush. This is a nice and simple method which can get some good results depending on the brand you buy. Most brands will at least ensure your teeth don’t get any more stained but not all whitening toothpastes will achieve the results you want. So don’t expect too much.

Mouthwash, Gums & Floss

These sorts of product are best when used for maintaining whiteness when used in conjunction with other treatments. They may make your teeth whiter but primarily should be used for keeping your teeth white¬†after other treatments. So use them as a way to save money – if your teeth don’t get stained as quickly, you won’t need to spend as much money on future treatments.

Home Treatments

This is the best method if you’re on a budget and want to know exactly what’s going into your mouth. It’s a good way to naturally treat yourself. The results may not be as good as the other methods but you could find a treatment which works really well. Home treatments are perfect if you don’t want to go to the effort of booking appointments or finding specialist equipment.