Is Cellulite Laser Treatment the Future?

laserIf you’ve got cellulite there aren’t really many options available. Unfortunately it’s just something most women are stuck with. Treatments can make cellulite appear much better, but don’t permanently remove it.

Recently lasers have become increasingly popular in cosmetics. They can achieve some great results. When it comes to using lasers for cellulite treatment there are two distinct options. Both can provide good results although they’re very different in the way they work, and the results they can achieve.

Traditional Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can greatly improve the appearance of your skin. However it’s not a permanent solution. The process involves painlessly tightening your skin by increasing collagen levels. The appearance of cellulite should consequently be reduced. Certain treatments can also help with removing excess fat through the lymphatic system.

The Number of Sessions

However this treatment will need several sessions (sometimes up to 7) lasting around 20 minutes each. The results can last for several years, although you may be able to get top up treatments to make them last longer. The procedure can also help improve circulation.

There can be quite a bit of diversity with this sort of treatment depending on the clinic, the system, and the technique used. Make sure you have a talk with the professional performing the treatment so you know exactly what you’re going to get. The usual premise with this treatment is tighter skin = less visible cellulite. It’s good if you want a non permanent solution to your cellulite woes which lasts a little longer than average.

The New Treatment – Cellulaze

There is a new form of laser treatment available. It’s the exception to the rule that cellulite can’t be treated. If the claims about it are true, there could at last be a treatment for cellulite!

The process, commonly called Cellulaze, is longer (around 90 minutes), more invasive and more expensive than ordinary laser treatment but it can provide some remarkable results. The technology apparently works on the 3 causes of cellulite – protruding fat, hard connective tissue and thin skin.

This treatment is more invasive than traditional laser treatments because it requires a small incision on the area to be treated after a anaesthesia. The laser fibre is then inserted through this incision. Next the laser begins to heat the pockets of cellulite causing fat, breaking them up.

Connective Tissue

The connective tissue is also treated in this process so they no longer pull downwards creating the distinctive bumps. Lastly a process similar to the traditional laser treatments takes place. The heat allows new collagen to be created which adds to the elasticity and thickness of the skin. So as you can see – it treats the 3 main causes pretty well compared to the other treatments which usually just treat one. Working together they can produce longer lasting results.

Some say that these results may even be permanent. However because it’s such a new treatment there’s no way of knowing for sure. Sufficient trials haven’t been done to prove this yet. But there was a study done which showed there wasn’t any deterioration 1 year after the initial procedures.


The treatment, as you would expect, isn’t cheap. You can pay up to $6,000 for the treatment. And that’s just for one area too. However that number should already be coming down as the treatment becomes more widespread and more clinics offer it. New treatments which offer results as good as this are always going to be expensive at first.

Overall, the Cellulaze laser treatment seems to be one of the few genuine cellulite treatments. It doesn’t just reduce its appearance, it can actually get rid of it. But remember, even though the FDA have approved it, they’ve not approved it for permanent cellulite reduction. So don’t get the treatment on the basis that it will 100% get rid of your cellulite forever. We just don’t have enough information to make this claim yet.

Here is a promotional video from Cellulaze:

Regardless of whether you want medium or long-lasting treatment, therapy using lasers seem to be the way to go. They are non invasive, cause little pain, and most importantly are backed up by scientific evidence.

They really work. Which is more than can be said about a lot of treatments out there.