The Truth About Caffeine and Cellulite

coffeeCaffeine, and more specifically coffee, can do a number of things for your cellulite. Depending on how you use it, your cellulite can be made better or worse. This is however only in relation to visual appearance. Caffeine won’t have a direct permanent impact on your cellulite.

What Caffeine Can do to You

We all know about the positive effects caffeine can have on us. It makes us more alert, gives us more energy and can even reduce the risk of contracting Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. However it can also cause high blood pressure, diarrhoea and cause panic attacks & stress in large quantities.

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How To Treat Cellulite

saladAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), close to 37.5% of American adults are obese. This means one-third of the entire American adult population is suffering from weight problems. The current state of adult health in this country can also leads us to understand why so many of them are looking for the best treatment for cellulite.

Cellulite is essentially uneven fat under the skin resulting in a dented and dimpled appearance. The buttocks, abdomen, thighs and hips are some of the common areas in the body where there can be cellulite deposition. Although fat doesn’t cause cellulite, it certainly makes it much more obvious.

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Is Cellulite Permanent?

geneticsCellulite is a massive problem for lots of women. Naturally when you first start to get it you’ll want to remove it ASAP. But is it permanent? The short answer is yes. It is. But don’t stop reading there! You see it’s not as simple as that. Cellulite can go through many stages which impact how it looks. So the cellulite will still be there, but how it appears visually may change substantially.

What Can Impact the Visual Appearance?

Just because you have cellulite doesn’t mean it’s always going to be showing. As you probably know cellulite is caused by fat under the skin protruding outwards. But if the fat is smoother, or your skin is thicker, then the visual appearance won’t be as bad. But technically you will still have cellulite. Factors such as the following can dictate how visible your cellulite is:

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Is Cellulite Laser Treatment the Future?

laserIf you’ve got cellulite there aren’t really many options available. Unfortunately it’s just something most women are stuck with. Treatments can make cellulite appear much better, but don’t permanently remove it.

Recently lasers have become increasingly popular in cosmetics. They can achieve some great results. When it comes to using lasers for cellulite treatment there are two distinct options. Both can provide good results although they’re very different in the way they work, and the results they can achieve.

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How do you Get Cellulite & Why Does it Form?

questionWe’ve briefly gone over this question. But not in detail. So here we’re going to have a look at a bit of the science behind it. Unfortunately there’s still quite a bit we don’t know.

It can be very hard to pin down a root cause or one specific trigger behind the problem. So the information listed on this page should just be used as a rough guide. Everyone is unique and your individual situation will most likely make the cause much more complicated.

The Causes


The smallest genetic element can dictate how easy it is for us to get cellulite. For example how robust is our connective tissue? Or how is our fat deposited around our body? These traits can be passed on. If your ancestors have a certain trait which is susceptible to cellulite, then there’s a good chance you will too.

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Finding Top Cellulite Creams That Work

creamWhen it comes to cellulite creams, it’s like dealing with snake oil salesmen! You have no idea if what’s been claimed about the product is true or not. Are the reviews real? Or has someone been paid to write a favourable one? Unfortunately it’s very hard to tell.

You may have even been taken in by big promises and claims in the past. Sometimes the creams can be quite costly too. It’s ok paying for an expensive treatment, as long as it works.

No matter which brand you’re looking at, you need to tone down your expectations. There are no miracle cures for cellulite, once you have it, it’s going to be there for a while. The best you can do is make it less visible. Most treatments are going to be temporary too.

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Can Exercise Get Rid of Cellulite?

exerciseCellulite affects about 90% of women. It’s a condition that not only is seen in the obese but also the thin. All women get it.

We’ve already mentioned that weight is a key component in contributing to the appearance of cellulite. So does this mean that losing weight can help reduce it?

About Fat

Cellulite mostly appears in areas of the body where fat deposits and fluid can easily be stored. So people struggle with cellulite on their:

  • Stomach.
  • Thighs.
  • Legs.
  • Buttocks.

These are common places but it can also affect other parts of the body. Fat begins to clump together into bigger and bigger bits until the cellulite is formed. But if you have more fat in your body, this is more likely to happen. We all have fat under our skin, but the more there is, the more likely it is to clump together.

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Cellulite Info & FAQ



This is a problem that affects many women and even men on different parts of their body.

This article will look at some of the most common questions associated with the problem. Please view the articles above for more detail on the subject. You’ll soon find out that despite all the research going into it, we still don’t know all that much about successfully treating the problem. So be wary of services offer a 100% cellulite cure.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is essentially fat that pushes on the surface of the skin. This creates a dimpled appearance. It’s often seen on the thighs or near the buttocks because these areas contain more fat. This is what creates the visual bumpy or dimpled appearance. It’s where it gets its cottage cheese nickname from. But we think it looks more like an orange peel (except in color!)

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