The Best Treatments for Spider Veins

thread-veinAlthough they’re usually not dangerous or associated with any symptoms, spider veins are a real eye sore. They can really dent your self-confidence and make you want to cover your body up at all times. So naturally as soon as you spot them, your thoughts will drift towards one question – how do I get rid of them?

What’s the Difference Between Treating Spider Veins & Varicose Veins?

Because varicose veins are usually much bigger, and potentially much more dangerous than spider veins, more invasive treatments are usually needed. Because spider veins only cause cosmetic visual issues, surgery should rarely be required. However when it comes to the actual treatment methods, there aren’t always that many differences.

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The Cost of Varicose Vein Treatment

dollarUnlike many of the other conditions we look at on this site, varicose veins are a problem which occur under our skin. But unfortunately for us this problem is also very visible on the surface of our skin too, and can even cause other medical complications.

Because of the problem exists under the skin, treatments are more complicated and consequently more expensive.

Variations in Price

Naturally there will be substantial differences in prices between the treatments. Within a certain treatment there will be further differences in price. For example a person receiving sclerotherapy for several different areas would need to pay more than an individual receiving the treatment for a single area. The quality and reputation of the clinic / doctor performing the treatment is also reflected in the price. Please take the below prices as rough estimates only.

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Natural Remedies for Varicose Veins

horse chestnutUnfortunately a complete cure or fix for varicose veins, using only natural methods you can apply in the home, is virtually impossible. Varicose veins are usually caused by a technical fault with the vein, so nothing you do is going to be able to fix them. Even invasive procedures like surgery can’t “fix” the veins – they just remove them.

However there are a few things you can do to slightly reduce the appearance of the veins, and some of the negative side effects associated with them (like throbbing and pain).

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How To Hide Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

sprayWe all know how hard it is to get rid of varicose veins and spider veins. Sometimes we just need to accept that there isn’t much we can do get rid of them without surgery or other forms of treatment. Yes there are natural methods, but they don’t work fast enough do they? Let’s look at some ways you can quickly reduce the appearance of the veins or hide them completely.

Here are some of your options for a quick cover up!

Wear Jeans!

This one is the most obvious option for varicose veins. Simply wearing long jeans or a skirt can do something very important – make you feel much better about yourself! Constantly seeing the veins will undoubtedly harm your self-confidence.

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Spider & Varicose Veins Overview & FAQ


veins which can transform
Our veins can cause a number of problems. Both in relation to our appearance and, more importantly, our health and well-being. There are essentially two types of vein which may cause issues at some time during our adult life.

As you probably know, veins return blood from your body to your heart. But this means they need to work one way only & against gravity. If the valves in our veins get weakened then the blood begins to pool and not flow properly. This is where the problems start to occur.

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Why do People Get Skin Tags & What Causes Them?

peopleThere are various plausible reasons as to why people get skin tags.

In most cases the tags are a result of repeated irritation on the skin. Trying to find the exact causes can be very tricky due to the wide range of potential factors which can cause them. This is backed up by the fact that one in every two people have reported skin tags at some time in their life.

Some of these potential causes are looked at on this page.

The Main Causes

They are most common under the armpits and are potentially caused as a result of repeated deodorant use, or through continued shaving of the hair under the armpits. Where a lot of sitting is involved due to the nature of a person’s job, skin tags can occur around the anal area.

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The Use of Over the Counter Skin Tag Removal Creams

bottleMany of us will suffer from skin tags some time during our lives. If we do get them we want an easy way to get rid of them which doesn’t require spending hundreds of dollars at a clinic.

Creams are always going to be a nice, painless, and non invasive treatment. You just put them on and let them do their job. For that reason they’re one of the most popular treatment methods for skin tags – unlike cutting them off. But how do you know where to start?

Salicylic Acid

Warts and skin tags are very similar in a number of ways. Including the fact that over the counter creams can get rid of them. This is because they contain the ingredient we need – salicylic acid. The acid works by destroying healthy skin. Even though warts and skin tags are unwanted, they’re still classified as healthy. Once the salicylic acid is applied it softens and loosens the skin tag allowing it to be removed easily. Sometimes they even fall off by on their own.

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The Best Ways to Remove Skin Tags

hairsSome of the best ways to remove skin tags include cauterizing and freezing but they remain the most expensive avenues to use.

But, there are a few alternative methods through which a patient can have skin tags removed. And this is without having to pay any way near as much for professional treatment. We’ll look at all of these approaches on this page.

Home Removal

Removing skin tags at home is one of the cheapest ways for a person to remove the tags provided that it is done correctly and safely. There are dangers associated with carrying this process out in the home. One major potential issue is that it’s very easy to confuse them with malignant tumors (see our article on telling the difference). They can actually look quite similar. If its growth is rapid, and it appears to change color and shape frequently, don’t proceed with the removal process because these signs indicate that it could be a tumor. You should go and see a dermatologist or health care specialist.

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Skin Tags vs Genital Warts & Other Skin Problems

signNot being a trained dermatologist, it can sometimes be difficult telling the difference between various skin conditions.

We don’t need to tell you that this is crucially important.

If a mark is diagnosed as a skin tag then you may not need any treatment at all. Skin tags aren’t dangerous and can fall off by themselves. However other times a certain lump could be incredibly dangerous and need medical attention straight away.

The golden rule is this – if you’re in doubt go and see a doctor. Even if you’re 99% sure a lump is harmless, but it’s hurting, getting bigger, or otherwise changing, then something may not be right. Don’t take risks with your own health!

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Skin Tag Removal Costs From A Clinic


The skin tag removal costs from a clinic are high because they are considered to be part and parcel of the cosmetic surgery industry. And as we know, cosmetic surgery is a costly industry!

The removal of these lesions is considered to be cosmetic surgery primarily because you can easily go about your day-to-day life with multiple skin tags on your skin and the treatment isn’t really 100% necessary in most cases. They’re just so common with up to 50% of everyone reporting them some time in their life. Insurance will rarely cover their removal.

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Skin Tag Removal at Home – How do You Do It?

scissorsGetting skin tags is an annoying problem. But did you know skin tag removal from home is possible, as long as they’re relatively small in size?

They are unsightly but don’t cause much harm so it’s not always necessary to remove them. But if they’re very small you don’t always need to pay a visit to your local dermatologist or a surgical specialist.

In fact sometimes a doctor can even instruct you to cut a skin tag off yourself. But as always, if you’re unsure about the size, or think it’s too big then seek medical help to be on the safe side. Don’t take any stupid risks.

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An Introduction to Skin Tags



Skin tags are medically and scientifically known as acrochordrons. They are small lesions or growths on the skin which take the color of the flesh or appear as a brown color. They hang off from the skin, and closely resemble warts.

The tags are very common and tend to afflict almost all groups of people. The good news is that they are usually harmless if you leave them alone. Problems only usually arise when they have been removed or get accidentally damaged.

Where are They Found?

The most commonly affected areas of the body include the region around the breasts, under the armpits, and around the neck and groin. The eyelids and areas around the buttocks, especially where it folds, also fall victim to the skin tags. The cause of this skin condition varies a lot but are common where skin rubs against other bits of skin.

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