Permanent Makeup & Cosmetic Tattoos FAQ

Permanent or semi permeant makeup has a number of advantages over traditional makeup application. It’s possible to apply this sort of makeup (also known as makeup tattoos) to the eyebrows, lips and eyes. In recent years the quality of this procedure has greatly improved due to various beautician and tattoo artists specializing in this area.

Advantages & Disadvantages

One of the main advantages is that you can get the exact makeup you want, perfectly done, every single morning without any effort. There aren’t any smudges or imperfections. You also need to remember that you can save quite a bit of money since you’ll no longer need to pay for as many cosmetics.
However you’ll need to stick with the same style and be happy with the work done in the first place. If you’re not then you may need to go through some painful tattoo removal. You’ll also need to deal with initial pain and after care the tattoo requires. It’s also probable that you’ll need a top up after your initial session, and perhaps years down the line as some of the colors fade.

How it Works

Essentially the process works just like tattooing. A needle penetrates your skin by approximately 1mm and releases a drop of pigment. The pigment is actually in your second level of skin (dermis) and seen through your top layer of skin (epidermis).
However where the differences lie are in the pigments used, which are more subtle, natural and less concentrated. Also the size of the tattoo guns can be a little smaller because of the smaller areas they’re covering.

Are Cosmetic Tattoos Permanent?

As briefly mentioned above, most cosmetic tattoos aren’t 100% permanent, after 4-6 years they’ll have faded a bit and you may need a touch up. They won’t vanish completely though, so don’t think that if you don’t like them, they’ll be gone in a few years. You’ll still need some form of tattoo removal. For a more permanent solution you can try tattooing from a normal tattoo shop, but make sure this is the right option for you – they don’t usually look as natural because of the stronger colors.

Where to Get it Done

You can get cosmetic tattoos done in either tattoo shops or at a salon. The best idea, especially if you’ve not done this sort of thing before, it to visit your local salon. The salon will also have additional expertise and specialization in cosmetic tattoos, they’ll be providing this sort of service every single day so naturally will be a little bit more experienced. However if you want a tattoo which is 100% permanent then visiting a tattoo artist is something to consider.

How Long Does it Take?

The actual tattooing will usually take less than an hour, usually in the range of 45 minutes depending on the body part being tattoo’d. However you’ll probably need to set aside 2 hours because of the other things which needed to be taken care of. These things include picking your style, color, having the procedure explained to you, your questions, numbing before the procedure, marking of your skin and aftercare advice.