The Cost of Permanant Makeup & Cosmetic Tattoos

beauty-priceHere we’ll look at how much you can expect to pay for permanent makeup. These are general figures to give you a rough idea.

Sometimes pricing schemes can also differ. For example, some salons may include the touch up session in the price, because they’re so likely to be needed.

It’s also important to note that special requirements may cost more, such as extra thickness, darker colors, or more complex styles.

As usual you’ll also get standard variation depending on location. For example an exclusive area in a big city could increase the price by roughly 50%. A very good reputation can also, justifiably so, increase the cost.

Initial treatment

This will usually include the initial consulting and deciding on style as well as discussing any questions you may have. It will include the procedure and tattoo aftercare process too.


$250-450 (£300)


$350-550 (£375)


$550-750 (£600)


Touch ups will usually cost $100 (£75), but with the lips may be a bit higher – up to $150 (£100).

Color correction may be required if you don’t like the color after the pigments have developed. This will cost $150 (£125).

If you’re unhappy with the shape, you may be able to get it corrected or adjusted. This will cost around $150 (£125).

If the salon incorrectly recommended a color or shape you may be able to get the price heavily reduce / free of charge.