Top Hair Removal Creams Reviewed

Hair removal methods all have their disadvantages. For example waxing can be painful. There is absolutely no doubt about it. But shaving can take ages and sometimes you can risk getting cuts. Other methods like laser hair removal may be too expensive.

Hair removal creams are another decent alternative. If you want to avoid pain, get the job done quickly, and not spend too much then they’re a good option. All you have to do is apply an even layer of cream on the area that needs to be treated and then leave it for several minutes. Then the hair should be easy to scrape off. But there are several creams available on the market. Is there any difference between them?

Here are some of the top hair removal creams. These brands are all reliable and will work well, but one may be better than the others depending on your hair type.

avon creamAvon Skin Cream

Avon aren’t one of the most well-known brands for hair removal, but still a great choice. A good hair removal cream without the usual horrible smell. Removes hair with minimal irritation. However it’s not suitable for the face. Can easily be found for under $7 so it’s amazing value. Comes with the cream and scraper. The cream penetrates quite deeply so it lasts a little longer than average.

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naircreamNair Hair Removal

Most people hate the smell but it does provide some good results. It’s not too strong so doesn’t leave you with red marks or break outs. It’s probably one of the best products for removing course hair. So if your hair is a little thicker than usual then Nair is probably is the best product of the lot to buy. Also is very inexpensive.

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veetVeet Cream

Probably one of the best known hair removal creams. This product tries to mask the smell with a rose fragrance and contains essential oils which sooth the skin. Comes in an easy to use pump bottle with the scraper attached to the side. The tried and tested Veet cream provides good results and works very quickly. You only need to leave it on for around 3 minutes. Also available in Veet for men.

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gigiGigi Hair Removal Lotion

The last product is another which perhaps isn’t as well known  The Gigi lotion leaves the skin smooth and soft without drying it out. You leave it for 10 minutes and then pretty much all of your hair will be removed. It’s very effective. It can also be used on the bikini area. The only real complaints are that it smells quite strong and can take a while to get the smell off fingers. There is also a Gigi cream specifically for the face.

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All of these creams work quickly. You really can get your hair removal sorted at the last moment which is great if you’ve got a party or some other social occasion. The newer creams also don’t leave too much of a red mark on your skin. These days as the products have been improved so that there are minimal side effects if you use them correctly.

However remember to read the instructions properly. There may be slight differences between the products such as the amount of time you leave it on for. You don’t want to leave it on for too long or not long enough!