Home Beauty Products

This part of the site looks at cool electronic beauty devices or products to give yourself salon style treatments in the home.There are some amazing products out there which can make our lives much easier.The articles to the left review and look at some of the top home beauty products and provide advice for their use. This should give you a good idea about the products which are currently out there. We’ll try to be as honest as we can when looking at the products. However all (we think!) are of a good quality.

New devices are always being added so check back regularly. We will cover anything and everything that means you don’t need to go for a salon or get specialist treatment. But don’t let these devices stop you from getting professional medical advice.

We’re lucky to be in an age that we can actually own some of the most advanced beauty products on the market. Yes, some aren’t cheap, but they also do a very good job at making your life easier. There are also numerous advantages to getting treatment at home which we’ll look at on this page. However there are also some disadvantages; to be fair and balanced we’ll look at these too.

Why Use Home Beauty Products?

Privacy is always important. Sometimes people don’t feel comfortable being partially naked in front of strangers. Sometimes people don’t like being touched by strangers either. Going to a clinic can sometimes push you out of your comfort zone. It can be a bit scary anyway – especially if you’re getting a treatment that could hurt like laser hair removal.

So it’s perfectly natural to prefer treatment in the comfort of your own home. You can take the treatment whenever you want and work to your own schedule. If you’re busy this will be a massive bonus. Sometimes it’s hard to find that spare time to go for a lengthy treatment. The alternative of simply taking the treatment when you’re free is much more attractive. It’s just so much more flexible and convenient.

Costs of Home Beauty

Another advantage is cost – but those devices are expensive aren’t they? Not necessarily; let us explain. Whether you’re buying anti aging supplements, getting hair removal or having wrinkle treatment, it’s always going to be more expensive at a salon. They charge a little extra for their advice, services or products. That’s just business. If you own the product you can get save a lot of money long-term.

In the case of electronic devices there may be a large cost for the device, but over time you’ll make the money back.

For example say a laser hair removal device costs $300 and you want to completely remove hair on your arms and legs. This would cost $1000’s to get done at a clinic because you need more than one session. With the home device you can do all the sessions yourself. You can then treat other parts of your body too if you wish. However you may need to buy an extra cartridge with some of the devices. Luckily they’re not expensive. It can work out much cheaper.

And Why Shouldn’t You Buy Home Devices?

costsEven though most devices, kits and creams etc. are easy to use, you still won’t do as good a job as a professional who has 10 years experience. The last thing you want is to do a bad job on waxing or laser hair removal! Also if anything goes wrong you’ll have an expert there to give you the proper advice / treatment. They should also include after-care (like creams / check-ups) in the price. It will give you piece of mind.

Better Treatment From a Pro

Although clinics seem expensive they aren’t always that bad. Some may run a loyalty scheme and others may charge on the work that needs to be done rather than a flat rate. So if you have one or two wrinkles it shouldn’t cost too much at all.

However it is true that you need to find a good clinic for the treatment to be better. Unfortunately there are some poor quality clinics out there so you need to make sure you do your research. The same can also be said for the products though. If you get a poor one obviously a salon treatment would end up being ten times better.

Whether a salon, or home treatment is better for you depends on your own personal preferences and the quality of the clinic / salon you’re thinking of going to. It’s all very subjective. The golden rule is to do your research!

Non Electronic Beauty Products

As you would expect the non electronic products are much cheaper. They aren’t as technologically advanced but you can still get very good results with them. They focus more on chemicals and design. Essentially they just fulfil the purpose of a salon treatment, just much smaller and typically not as well. So instead of getting waxing done, you’ll get the home kit. And instead of getting wrinkle treatment you’ll get some creams gels or drugs.

When looking for which products to get don’t go for the cheapest. In all honesty you can’t get good results from a $10 product. Your body is worth more than that isn’t it?! The good non electrical products don’t usually cost that much anyway, so you may as well get the good ones.

Electronic Beauty Products; Technological Wonders?

We all want quick results but sometime it isn’t possible. You need to give these fantastic devices a chance. There is a large range of electronic beauty products. Some good, some not so good. Before buying any product you should check that it’s approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). One thing that’s common with electronic products (reading from the reviews) is people don’t know how to properly use them. They complain when they don’t instantly see results. Electronic devices specifically have this problem because of their technical nature. You need to understand that the devices take time to work, and you need to follow the instructions very carefully. Many of the devices need consistent use over a long period of time.

These devices can remove hair, help relax you, treat wrinkles, help with acne and more. We’re sure there are even more devices which solve beauty & cosmetic problems currently being developed.

Some Tips For Using Home Products

  • If you can’t reach a certain area (like your back) get someone to help. It can be dangerous and very awkward if you try and do it yourself.
  • Fully read the product descriptions. Even if you’ve used a similar brand. First of all you don’t want to cause damage to yourself. Second you don’t want to waste money by not using it properly.
  • Don’t buy too cheap! You get what you pay for.
  • Do your research. Look at reviews and what exactly people say about the product.
  • Don’t expect instant results. Be patient and consistent with the treatments. You still need to put the effort in.