Home Laser Hair Removal Devices Reviews – An Overview of What’s Out There

IMPORTANT – HOW OUR REVIEWS WORK. Reviews of one persons opinion can be inaccurate, we aggregate all of the reviews out there from the big sites (Amazon & Amazon UK, Sephora, Ulta, as well as various forums). We hope this cuts our variation and useless reviews – giving a more accurate picture. Updated for 2017.

The best results.
Sleek stylish design.
No replaceable parts.
Score - 8
Silk'n SensEpil
Great value.
Easy to use.
Fast treatment.
Intensity settings.
Score - 7.8
Silk'n Flash and Go
Can be used on face.
Reach all areas.
Long cartridge life.
Minimal discomfort.
Score - 7.4
Remmington i Light Pro
No need to recharge.
Sleek professional design.
Many features.
Great results for the price.
Score - 7.2

Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz
Upgraded over previous version.
Matches Tria performance.
Very long lasting.
Loads of features.
Score - 7.8
Philips Lumea Comfort IPL
Works on face.
Very, very long lasting!
Simple design.
Best Value.
Score - 7.5
mē Smooth
Works on a range of skin types.
A range of unique features.
Fast treatment.
Very inexpensive.
Score - 7.1


Best Device

What is the best device? By best we mean we mean best performance in terms of permanent hair reduction. It doesn’t take into account cost. Looking at a wide range of reviews customers report that the Tria 4X provided the best long term results. It’s often descried as the most painful system too which could indicate to more damage being done to the hair follicle and therefore a reduction in hair growth. To read our Tria review click here.

Best Value Device

In terms of best value we look at performance vs cost as well some of the other factors such as features. Another major factor in deciding which device is the best value is the amount of flashes it provides. A device may seem inexpensive, but it may run out of flashes after a few months. Replacement cartridges can cost $30, if you need to buy 6 over the course of the devices lifetime that’s $180. So that’s why we’ve picked the Philips Lumea Comfort IPL – it lasts for absolutely ages. You shouldn’t need to buy any replacement cartridges. Check out the review here.

However technology is always changing and improving so we’ll keep you up to date with the latest developments.

Here we look at the most popular and best currently on the market.

For example a new device may be released, or an old device may get an update (this has actually recently happened with the Tria 4x recently).

Choosing the Best System

So how do you know which system to choose? Here are some key points you should keep in mind:

  • The cost – Some systems do cost more than others. However you do pay for quality? The more expensive devices do tend to perform better. There is more about the costs below.
  • The area to be treated – Some devices like the Tria and the Flash and Go are better at doing smaller areas like the upper lip or bikini area. The other devices are better at doing large areas like the legs.
  • Removal v Reduction – Certain devices are great at removing hair. But they don’t permanently reduce hair growth. Rather they freeze growth. The Tria is the only device which they claim permanently reduces hair long term.
  • Pain – Certain devices hurt less than others. Typically the Flash and Go hurts the least out of all the devices.

The Features

The devices aren’t too dissimilar when it comes to features. They all have a display which lets you choose the intensity. So an intensity of 1 wouldn’t hurt much, but wouldn’t remove much hair. An intensity of 5 hurts the most but removes the most hair. They also all scan the skin to make sure that the device is safe to use on your skin type.

This most likely is a legal requirement – they don’t want to get sued if someone with the wrong skin type uses the system and suffers burns.

Then you just put the device over the area you want to treat, pull the trigger, and away you go!

The Cost of At-Home Devices

There is around $170 of difference between the most and least expensive home laser hair removal systems. The Tria is the most expensive at around $400 and the Remington device is the least at about $220. The two Silk’n devices are priced in between these two. With all devices but the Tria you’ll need to buy refills. They aren’t too expensive. They cost around $20 and will allow you to continue treatment. They do last for quite a while, depending on device they last for 700-1000 flashes. This should be enough to treat your entire body at least twice.

Saving You Money?

Laser hair removal devices can actually save money over the long term. Especially if you regularly get treatment. However if you just want a small area doing (like your upper lip) then it might be cheaper to get the work done in a clinic. A small area like that won’t cost much, and you should only need about 3 treatments. This would only cost around $180.

But remember – you can potentially treat your entire body with one home device. Think of how much this would cost in a clinic. You’ll probably need top up sessions too. If you actually own the device then this isn’t a problem.

What You Need to Keep in Mind

All devices do work as described. But results differ between individuals. So keep that in mind. Look at our article on how laser hair removal works to see if your skin type is suitable. There’s not that much difference between laser hair removal at a clinic, and an at home laser hair removal device. The home devices just use smaller (and less powerful) technology. The results are very similar but generally speaking laser treatments done by professionals, using professional equipment are better. Even when comparing them to the best hand-held devices. But as we said above, the cost can be much lower with home systems overall.

Why Do People Say it Doesn’t Work?

One of the biggest problems people seem to have with laser hair removal is misunderstanding 1. what exactly it does and 2. how exactly to use the devices. So make sure you properly do your research before buying and when you have the device you must read the instructions. Most devices come with an instructional DVD so there’s no excuses! If you don’t follow the instructions properly you just won’t get the most out of the devices.

It’s this that causes people to claim that the device doesn’t work in their reviews. They don’t use them properly.

Have a look at the below video for a quick guide on how the home devices work.