GLO Brilliant: The Best Home Teeth Whitening System?

gloHere at Cosmet Beauty we think that home based devices which do the job of expensive clinical treatments are the way forward. As technology improves (and gets smaller) they’re only going to get better and better.

You’ve always been able to do teeth whitening in the home with whitening strips & solutions. But they’ve not always had the quality of professional treatments and can even be dangerous. The GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device can make the whole process much easier and effective. Here we’ll tell you why we think it’s the best for home whitening.

How It Works

First a little bit about how it works. The device essentially does two things:

  • It makes the whole teeth whitening process faster.
  • It makes the process much more efficient.

The whitening gels are still used, so the first step is to apply it to your teeth. But then instead of waiting, you use the device. This works with the gel to provide better results. All you need to do is place the GLO Brilliant into your mouth for 8 minutes. During this time it prevents oxygen escaping from your teeth using heat & light projected by the device. Since oxygen is the key to breaking up the stains, it makes the whitening process happen much faster.

Why It’s Better

Competing devices don’t offer any way near the quality of the GLO. Although the system is more expensive, unfortunately you do have to pay for better results and shorter, more convenient treatment time.


Because the process is more efficient, you don’t need to use high concentrations. High concentrations of peroxide can cause burns when they come into contact with the skin. Because most home solutions don’t have any way to stop the oxygen escaping, unlike the GLO, a higher concentration is needed to get the job done. The way the whitening solution is applied further reduces contact with the gums.


Following on from the above point, not only is a higher concentration needed with other home whitening methods, but more time is needed for them to take effect. The GLO only needs 8 minutes for 5 days to achieve 5 shades of whitening – source.


The device fits nicely around you neck. So once you’ve set it up, you can do whatever you want. This means it doesn’t need to be a big deal when you want to whiten your teeth, like it is with other methods. If you’re getting it done professionally then you need to book an appointment  maybe travel, and then wait & have the treatment. This can be hours out of your day for a single treatment. For other home products you usually need to wait quite a while for the solution to have the intended impact.

Costs & Further Information

You can usually pick up the system for under $200. This not only includes the main devices and accessories, but the whitening solution (G-Vials) required. You can buy extra G-Vials if you need a top up treatment if your teeth start to lose their whiteness. A special balm also comes with the package which helps further reduce sensitivity in key areas. In most situations, and depending on your diet, your teeth will begin to lose their whiteness. So if you want whiter teeth all the time it’s likely you will need top up treatments.

This makes the GLO a real investment. Perfect for those who want near professional quality white teeth, but don’t have as much money or time to spend.

Read more about the device & read some reviews.

Overall the system has received positive reviews. Most complaints come from people who have failed to properly follow the instructions. You must follow them exactly!