How To Treat Cellulite

saladAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), close to 37.5% of American adults are obese. This means one-third of the entire American adult population is suffering from weight problems. The current state of adult health in this country can also leads us to understand why so many of them are looking for the best treatment for cellulite.

Cellulite is essentially uneven fat under the skin resulting in a dented and dimpled appearance. The buttocks, abdomen, thighs and hips are some of the common areas in the body where there can be cellulite deposition. Although fat doesn’t cause cellulite, it certainly makes it much more obvious.

But is there a best treatment? Because of how widespread cellulite is there is no shortage of individuals and companies offering treatment. Below we’ll look at some methods and see if there really is a best one.

Treatment Methods

There are several treatments that are recommended for cellulite removal. As you’d expect they focus at tackling the cause. However cellulite can not be completely removed. Just made less visible. So while many believe that surgery like liposuction and tummy tucks are the best treatment option, they’ll never fully get rid of it. But fortunately, there are also less invasive options available which do not involve going under the surgeon’s scalpel. Some which can provide a decent reduction in the appearance of cellulite.


Massaging is an age-old non-invasive technique. It can improve circulation which can help disperse the fatty deposits over time. It can also reduce tension in the muscles and should improve the blood flow.

The lymphatic system drains away the fluids and fats associated with cellulite. A massage can help with the opening of the lymph vessels and assist with draining.

A massage can also help work through the fatty lumps and toxins which cause cellulite. Over time it should help with the dispersal of these toxins.

Effective massage creams ought to contain aminophylline which can eliminate water within the cellulite. This makes the skin appear firmer.


Exfoliation of the areas where cellulite has formed help in the removal of old and dead skin which can help in enhancing the appearance of the skin. It also can increase blood flow and aid in skin regeneration. This can aid in the break down of fatty deposits. You can do this using a sponge, or exfoliation cream. Microdermabrasion also works well too.

Weight Loss

When all is said and done, the best treatment of cellulite could be preventing it from showing in the first place. This is not such a difficult proposition since all it needs is for you to stay in good shape. Regular exercise is needed to prevent weight gain. But minor lifestyle alterations may be needed like avoiding alcohol, over-sweetened foods, the consumption of saturated fats and eating a healthy and balanced diet with less salt.

This means there will be less toxins in your system which can contribute to cellulite. Especially try to eat lots of brightly colored fruit, vegetables & oily fish.


Though not FDA-approved some dietary supplements containing natural and herbal ingredients can provide the desired results. For example, look out for supplements that have ingredients such as:

  • Lime.
  • Soy lecithin.
  • Fish oil.
  • Ginkgo biloba.
  • Sweet clover.
  • Bioflavonoids.
  • Primrose oil.

They effectively raise rate of metabolism, offer protection against skin decay and most importantly help in the breakdown of excess fats in the body. This action may make the supplement a good option for cellulite treatment.

Also make sure if you’re getting enough of all the different vitamins and minerals. Supplements may be used for this too – just simple ones like vitamin C. This will make sure your skin is getting all the nutrients it needs to do its job.

Note: Always be careful when it comes to supplements, some tend to promise too much and vastly under deliver. They should be a last resort (apart from the basic ones). Talk to your cosmologist or nutritionist first.


Creams are another one which people have mixed results from. A quick search online will show loads of creams promising great results. We wary of these. Also pay attention to reviews as some could be faked. We evaluate some of the top cellulite creams here.

No single treatment will give you amazing results. Try a few things and see what works for you. Everyone has a body which responds differently to treatment. What works for some may not work for others. However keeping yourself at a healthy weight, and eating well is undoubtedly the best method. Thin people can get cellulite too, but it shouldn’t be as obvious because of the reduced levels of fat.