Laser Surgery For Acne; What’s It All About?

laserLaser surgery is gradually being embraced as one of the preferred treatment methods for those who have acne or scars from acne. Laser treatments are non invasive and don’t require the skin to be broken.

Acne is manifested in a number of ways which include pimples, cysts, and congested pores among others, which when infected with bacteria become inflamed and painful. It is this bacteria that the laser treatment attempt to target. It also attempts to reduce the amount of oil the sebaceous glands produce.

What is it?

Laser surgery can be simply described as the utilizing of light waves to get to the root of acne and clear the pores that have been clogged by the excess sebum. The surgery also kills the bacteria that may be causing inflammation as well as the glands producing the extra oil in the skin. Depending on the severity of the acne, several sessions may be needed to get the results desired. After each session there should be less bacteria in the skin. This will greatly assist with your fight against acne although it shouldn’t be the only thing you’re doing. It should be used as part of a range of treatments for best results. Its place in your fight against acne should be discussed with your dermatologist.


Apart from the unclogging of the pores of the skin, laser surgery can also be used to resurface the skin of an individual who may have scars on the areas that were affected by the acne as a result of the healing process. However these require two different sorts of treatment & laser devices. It does however show the wide range of uses lasers have in cosmetic treatment.


The advantages of laser surgery for those suffering from acne are numerous, with most of them geared towards clearing up the pimples that are a manifestation of the deeper problems within the skin. The surgery is not invasive meaning that the treatment can be sent through the skin – so there is no skin being broken at all. This of course means that those having the treatment can get back to their daily routine straight away. Recovery time isn’t usually needed.

Changes in Appearance

The improvement of the appearance of the skin is one of the benefits of the surgery. The skin begins to get better as soon as it’s cleared of oil & bacteria.

Even though multiple sessions of laser surgery may be needed to completely eliminate the acne, the results are visible even after the first session for most people.

The idea of the treatment is to allow you to get a grip on your acne, it can’t permanently remove all bacteria from your face forever. However you  can go back for more sessions if it comes back.

However if you take proper care of your skin hopefully the acne won’t come back. If it does seem to be starting again then just 1 or 2 laser treatments should be able to get rid of it.

Potential Issues

On the other hand, surgery using lasers to treat acne also has its disadvantages that need to be considered when looking at the treatment. The cost of laser surgery, which is quite high, is one of the reasons why it isn’t as widely used as it should be. However the cost much of the time is justified.  Some people report that the treatment works where other treatments have failed.

Skin Problems

There may be some side effects on the skin such as peeling, redness and even crusting. They are reported by a number of people. However, most of them are temporary and won’t last too long, especially if the physician doing the procedure is experienced. Therefore, it is important to only have laser surgery done by an experienced physician who is able to give you a good idea of how many similar procedures they’ve performed.

Differing Results

As the results tend to differ quite substantially, you can’t guarantee that a laser treatment will sort out all of your problems. Although clinical trials have been positive, some people report only a 37% clearance while others report a 83% clearance. It all depends on the individual. This is why you need to consult a professional – so you can get the results you want.