LumaRx Full Body IPL IPL6800USA Hair Removal Device Review









        Ease of Use



          • Amazing performance.
          • Permanent hair reduction after just a few treatments.
          • No need to charge.
          • Decent amount of flashes.


          • Not cheap.
          • Some people may want a rechargeable device.

          The LumaRx is a high end laser system which claims to be the only device which is used in salons. It’s more expensive than some of the other devices at around $450. Let’s have a a look if it’s worth the price.


          The device has a similar appearance to other systems which have a main unit, and a attached laser device. This is opposed to the devices which are just a stand alone unit. Being in two parts usually means that the device is capable of more power output, and therefore better results, because it’s connected to the mains. However this is only a theoretical rule. The LumaRx claims to offer permanent hair reduction and provides clinical studies to show this. The LumaRx like other devices isn’t great at treating dark skin, and blonde / ginger / gray hair. However it’s better than the other devices in this respect – it can still treat people with dark blonde hair and dark but not black skin. So if your skin is darker than average it could be one of the few options available to you.


          Despite its price tag the LumaRx doesn’t go overboard with features. It keeps things simple and tries to do one thing very well – permanent hair reduction. But the device itself is simple and easy to use. However it has the standard range of features. So it has intensity settings, which can be used if higher setting are causing too much pain. However the LumaRx isn’t a high pain device thanks to its ComfortFilter which blocks harmful UV energy. There’s also the added safety features of the skin sensor which makes sure the device is suitable for you.

          Since the device is powered via a chord, you know it’s not going to run out and have a constant need to be charged.

          The LumaRx can be safely used on the face unlike some other systems. It actually has another cap which you can attach to the device which allows more precision when treating the face. The standard cap is approximately 3cm squared which allows you to treat larger areas relatively quickly.


          A 66% reduction in hair growth should be possible after using the device just 3 times in 12 months. These results are pretty spectacular when you think about it – just 3 sessions spaced out over the 12 months. If you use the device more you should experience better results. A lot of people who are disappointed with the device seem to have only used it for a few weeks. But there are scientific reasons why any hair removal device won’t necessarily provide permanent hair reduction over a short time period. To learn more about this read about how laser hair removal works.

          The LumaRx also has a higher power rating so this could theoretically point towards better permanent hair removal.

          There are numerous positive results, where customers are incredibly impressed with the long term hair growth reduction. There are a few average reviews (2-3 stars) as well where the customers are happy with the results, but not the price.


          In terms of all out performance the LumaRx is one of the best on the market. This is one of the reasons why LumaRx claim it has found success in salons. It’s definitely on par with the Tria – the previous best performer. It’s hard to say which is best but, but as mentioned before the LumaRx does have a higher power rating. However this needs to offset against against the higher price and whether you want a hand held rechargeable device or not.

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