mē Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device Review

mē Smooth

mē Smooth







        Ease of Use



          • Works on all skin / hair types.
          • Low price.
          • Some cool features.
          • Fast treatment.


          • Performance not as good as others.
          • Large unit.

          This is a low cost offering from newcomers mē. Is it possible we all know that in the world of laser hair removal, it’s a situation of you get what you pay for, but is the mē Smooth a good device for its price? There’s also another feature to the mē Smooth – uniquely it works on all skin types. Even darker tones.


          mē Smooth has very similar to the other devices we’ve looked at. It’s design is of the – smaller united attached to a larger unit – type. Similar to the Silk’n Sense. This may be take up a little bit more room overall but the actual hair removal portion of the system is usually lighter and more maneuverable. It 3 intensity settings – low medium and high and once switched on, all you need to do is press it against your skin, and move to a new area after a flash. This devices flashes a little faster than some of the others so you can treat quite a large area very quickly.

          Another nice feature is the ability to add shaving or epilating attachments. It’s quite interesting that it has this and points towards mē Smooth perhaps thinking that the device should more assist in your normal hair removal routine, as opposed to completely replacing it. More on this below.

          However the device does go through cartridges pretty regularly, perhaps due to its speed. So a replacement may be required every few months.

          How Well does it Work?

          Studies done by mē show a 94% reduction in hair in 7 weeks when using the device as described. This is over a range of skin tones and hair colors. However we always need to look carefully at the words. That’s a 94% reduction in hair, not hair growth. The device will damage the hair, and the hair follicle, and the hair will fall out. But will it regrow again? That’s why we need to look deeper into the reviews.

          The reviews seem to indicate that there have been some reports that it’s not as good at reducing 100% of the hair growth when compared to some other devices. So on especially dense areas you may get the occasional hair which needs to be shaved a few times. At this lower price this is to be expected, so perhaps is more suited to those who are after a work load reduction in their shaving routine (armpits, lets etc – maybe by decreasing its density), as opposed to getting that permanently smooth with no effort look.

          But to clarify, it DOES permanently reduce hair, and work properly. But not as well as the more expensive devices.

          Does it Work on All Skin Types?

          Just like is claimed, the mē Smooth does seem to work on a wide variety if skin types. So if you do have darker skin, or a non dark hair color, then could be the system for you. It uses Radio Frequency (RF) which is combined with existing IPL technology. This vastly reduces the risk of damage or discoloration to the skin. These are the skin types mē claim the device is compatible with:


          The mē Smooth is packed with loads of great features and cool ideas. If you’ve got darker skin or a non dark hair hair type then it’s almost certainly the best choice out of all our reviews. Even if you’ve not got dark still it’s still a very good value device because of its speed, features, and ability to reduce hair growth. Although it’s not AS good as some alternatives in the price range.

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