Is Body Waxing for Men Becoming More Acceptable?

manThe idea of men’s waxing has always been considered a little controversial. This is because for many years, waxing was a beautification method that was mainly reserved for women.

Waxing is the idea of getting rid of all the bodies’ unwanted hair. Through waxing, you will make your skin soft, smooth and hopefully you won’t need to shave as much either. It is for this main reason that men all over the world are slowly embracing the idea of male waxing.

Who Does It?

Another reason is for the sake of looking good. Many different men are involved in industries that require them to maintain a waxed body. Whether it’s because of modelling, sports, or men who are used in advertisements, waxing is considered as an added advantage in some men’s overall appearance. Through this, the concept of male waxing has also gained popularity within the general population.

Not every man is comfortable with being waxed. Because the majority of men have never shaved anywhere but their face in their entire life, it may be a little uncomfortable. As with everything, it just takes a bit of getting used to. The first time is always worst.

Some people assume that waxing for men is just for the gay community. It’s not; practically all sorts of men from different communities are getting it done.

The important factor is in the way the waxing is done. For one, it needs to be handled by a professional. This is because, depending on area, it can be very sensitive and if anything goes wrong, there can be quite a bit of pain. The client must be able to trust the esthetician because a wrong move will also be disaster visually. Before you go for the waxing, these tips will help you prepare for the procedure:

  • First and foremost, take a shower right before. It will leave you feeling clean and comfortable when the waxing is going on.
  • The hair around your genital area should get to about 0.25 inches or more. If you are very hairy it will save a bit of time having a good trim before treatment. Don’t go too short!
  • Do not oil yourself. Using oil will delay the entire procedure. The drier you are the better. Oils can help with waxing pain but only in certain circumstances. Let a professional deal with this.

What do Women Think?

The main reason men wax are for their partners. Here are a few quotes from some of our readers when they were asked what they thought of male waxing:

I hate a man who is too hairy – especially when they get to the “bear” stage! For them I think waxing is good, just to keep everything in order.

– Patricia Young

Personally I really hate body hair. On men, women everyone. So a man who has been fully waxed is ideal for me.

– Christine Wallis

I don’t like hair especially on the back. There is being manly, but then there is too much. A little chest hair is ok. But I can adjust for the right person!

– Catherine Beck

So essentially it comes down to personal preference and what your spouse wants. Some women may even love very hairy men!