Professional Microdermabrasion Treatment


crystalMicrodermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that uses tiny crystals to remove dead and damaged cells from the top layer of your skin. This procedure is carried out by professionals at a clinic or can be done at home using smaller devices.

The home treatment can involve the use of gel or cream with tiny crystals that exfoliate the skin or even devices similar to the professional ones.

It is a painless, easy and non-invasive procedure. On this part of the site we’re going to look at the clinic based microdermabration treatments.

Key Facts

Pain: Low
Duration : Short/Medium
Typical Cost : $50-200+
Sessions Needed : 1-3
Treatment Time : Short/Medium

The Process

Professionally, this procedure is done using a vacuum. It sucks the skin (and impurities) upwards and sucks up the extra crystals which are used in the process. The crystals shoot across the surface of the skin removing the first few layers of skin. This can all be regulated depending on your skin sensitivity and how intensive you want the treatment to be.

Microdermabrasion can last  for any amount of time. A small area can be done in 5-10 minutes. But larger areas will take longer and could last over an hour. Recovery time is also very short, it’s only the first few layers which are being removed. You shouldn’t tan afterwards, but you may even be able to apply make up within the next few hours. However this depends on the treatment intensity. Ask a professional at the salon for more details.

The professional performing the treatment will go over your skin several times in a uniform pattern. Imagine it’s a bit like cutting the grass – you need to go in nice straight lines to ensure you get all of it. This is opposed to just moving it all over the place and hoping to cover everywhere evenly.

Skin Types

Microdermabrasion can work on all types of skin. It can solve skin problems for people with oily, dry or uneven skin. It deals with issues such as acne, sun damage, aging skin, eczema or even warts. It really is a very diverse treatment. By revealing the fresh young skin great short-term results can be achieved. It’s sometimes referred to as an instant facelift.

You may need several sessions to achieve the desired results. But these sessions take the same amount of time as your first session. It’s to ensure all the dead skin cells are removed and all of the areas are treated evenly.

A Non Invasive Procedure

Microdermabrasion is a painless procedure. You may feel some irritation during and observe some redness after the procedure. However, these side effects last less than a day. Everyone should be able to deal with the irritation with no trouble at all. The procedure works on the epidermis without penetrating your skin.

The procedure itself  is a safe one, whether carried out in a clinic or at home. However it’s safer to have the procedure carried out in a clinic than doing it at home. As with everything if you don’t know what you’re doing, some damage can still be caused. Side effects are minimal but it is much easier to deal with them in a clinic than at home.

Before you have this procedure carried out on you, there are a few things you should take into consideration:

  • You should have the procedure carried out by a trained professional who has experience. Inexperienced dermatologists can damage your skin, although not significantly. The cheaper treatment usually means the results won’t be as good. So take precautions and look for a reliable professional. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Microdermabrasion can have adverse effects on sensitive skin. It can also affect your health if you have diabetes, skin inflammation, cuts or bacterial infections. Disclose everything to the person treating you before the treatment.
  • Creams should be applied before and after the treatment. Significant moisture can be removed from the skin during the process.
  • Everyone has different skin characteristics. Just because you may know someone who had great results from this treatment, doesn’t mean you’ll also get them.

Long Term Use

Microdermabrasion has been carried out for many years and has been proved to be effective. It’s straightforward and can help solve your skin problems in less than an hour. The cost of having this procedure carried out varies from one dermatologist to another. Do your research and choose the best reputable clinics for the most visually obvious results.

A Quick Fix?

One of the main benefits is that the treatment can be that “quick fix” we all crave. No one likes waiting months for results but microdermabrasion can firm up our faces, reduces scarring, uneven facial surfaces and minimise the appearance of wrinkles. It’s especially popular for those occasions where you want to look your best. Like weddings, vacations and or other big events. No it doesn’t really offer permanent benefits, but very few beauty procedures do.