Numbing Cream for Laser Hair Removal


Is the pain of laser hair removal too much? Or maybe you just have a low pain tolerance and want something to take the edge off. Numbing cream can do the job but it doesn’t just help with the pain during the treatment. It does much more. Read on to find out how it can help.

About The Creams

If you’ve spent a good deal on getting laser hair removal, you may as well make yourself as comfortable as possible. After all, the creams aren’t costly; you can usually pick them up for under $25. It can really help with aftercare – sometimes after the treatment is more painful than what goes on during!

Treatment in a clinic should include the numbing cream in the price (especially in the more expensive clinics). But this isn’t always the case. Definitely ask before the treatment if it’s included in the price. You may need to buy your own if it’s not.

Not The Only Use…

The cream isn’t just for laser hair removal. It can help with other forms of hair removal & beauty treatments too. Some other uses are:

  • Helping with rashes from shaving.
  • Reducing pain during waxing.
  • Numbing for cosmetic tattoos.

Most creams aren’t even manufactured with laser hair removal numbing in mind. The exception to this is the creams used in high end clinics and salons. They may have specifically been developed for laser hair removal.

But with pretty much all consumer creams (which are used for hair removal or cosmetic treatments), the same things are important – pain reduction, cleanliness and swelling reduction.

Other Uses & Pain Reduction

By far the most important reason to use numbing cream is this – it massively reduces the chance that you’ll get an infection. They contain anti-bacterial agents, so even if there’s a small break in the skin, an infection shouldn’t be caused. Even though the main reason you get the cream is because of the pain, it’s the infection which can cause real problems.

So how much do they actually reduce pain by? A 30-60% pain reduction is the typical number depending on the quality of the cream and the amount applied. This should make the process tolerable to an individual with even the lowest pain tolerance.

You probably know that laser hair removal devices have loads of different settings. But the higher the setting the more painful the treatment. A common use of the cream is to allow people to use a higher setting without it being too uncomfortable. Much better and faster results can be obtained this way. Think about it – if an more intense session can get you the results you want in 3 sessions, rather than 4, then the cream is going to be a good investment.

When To Use It

Typically the creams just need to be applied 5-10 minutes before treatment. They need enough time to start numbing your skin to a sufficient level. It should be applied with a smooth rubbing technique. The reason for doing this is that it can help relieve any ingrown hairs. The treatment should destroy the hair follicles anyway. However this only happens in an ideal situation. Sometimes the laser only damages the follicle slightly. This can cause ingrown hairs, or make an ingrown hair even worse. If your follicles are loose from the cream there’s less chance of this happening.

After the procedure is done the cream just needs to be applied when you need it. It should really help with reducing swelling and redness too. This can significantly reduce downtime.

Hopefully you can see that the cream isn’t just about reducing pain. It has many other beneficial uses which are arguably more important than reducing the pain of the procedure. Always put safety and your health first!

The creams work equally well for treatment at the salon and for home laser hair removal devices.