Overnight Acne Treatment, Can Anything Be Done?

nightTreating acne overnight may sound impossible but there are a number of remedies that can be used to minimize the continuous breakouts as you sleep or slightly reduce redness and swelling. Treatments that are used overnight treat the affected area by unclogging the pores and loosening any dead cells that may be on the surface. It’s all about helping your body start the healing process.

There are a variety of acne treatments that can be used. They can either be home remedies or conventional medicine. This depends on the preference of an individual and how serious the acne is. Nevertheless, either of the options are effective as long as the treatment is administered as prescribed.

Home Treatments

Homemade treatments are the most common treatment that can be used overnight to reduce the appearance of the pimples. We’ve looked at a few in the article here. Here are a few of those methods plus a few extras:

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can be applied on the affected area and allowed to dry. When the area is rinsed off the next day hopefully the pimples will be gone or their appearance reduced. However, for those with sensitive skin, this might not be the best treatment.

Cinnamon & Honey

Preparing a mixture of cinnamon as well as honey and using it as a face mask is an effective treatment for acne. The mixture which will form a paste is applied on the face and left all through the night and washed off in the morning. This mask is the best treatment for very mild acne. Don’t roll over in the night though!


Applying toothpaste on the pimples is one of the most popular ways to treat the condition. The toothpaste forms a sticky paste over the pimples which should be allowed to dry. This thereby dries the acne too. As soon as it dries up, it may heal resulting in a better appearance the next morning when it’s rinsed from the affected area.


Placing ice on the area that has acne is also an overnight remedy that has been used for many years with some success. Crushed ice or ice cubes are placed in a cloth and then placed on the area for about half a minute to allow the pimples in the area to cool and reduces swelling. This makes it easier to remove dirt and oils when washing the face. Because the dirt has been removed, in the morning the skin should look much better. This doesn’t always remove acne but at least makes your face look nice and clean.

Get in a Routine!

Following the following routine can also help reduce appearance in a 24hr period. This can be done along with the above tips.

Wake up and have a shower or bath. Then exfoliate and tone your skin. Apply moisturizer if it’s looking overly dry. Change your pillow – it could contain bacteria. Throughout the day stay clear of fatty foods. Don’t eat anything fried. Try and stick to fruit, fish, vegetables and low-fat meats. Stay away from alcohol and coffee too! At night exfoliate and tone your skin again. Add moisturizer if necessary. While you sleep try to keep the hair off your face. Let your pores breathe.


Conventional medicine can also be used in overnight treatments of acne with the best ones being those that contain salicylic as well as benzyl peroxide. These two ingredients are good for unclogging pores which have been blocked by the extra sebum produced under the skin. It’s also good at destroying any bacteria that causes acne. Salicylic is the best at unblocking pores and leaving them clear. On the other hand, benzyl peroxide is best for stopping the spread of bacteria and is found in acne products such as gels soaps and face creams.

There isn’t a treatment which will give you guaranteed results in a short period of time. You can’t force your body to heal faster! But the above ideas should go some way to helping reduce the appearance of acne. The rest is up to you by using concealer or other make up.

Don’t try to do too much all in one go. This could result in scaring.

As always it’s important to consult a qualified dermatologist in case the overnight treatment of acne does not result in the change in appearance you want.