PediNova III Electric Manicure Set: An Overview

<pedinova 3The PediNova III is like the Swiss army knife of nail equipment. It can give you any number of manicure & pedicure treatments. It’s the sort of device that when you have it, you have no idea how you managed without it!

If you’re serious about your nails then it’s pretty much an essential buy. Not only can it save time, but it can make your nails look fantastic too. Let’s take a closer look…


So what can it do? The PediNova III comes with a wide selection of 14 tools and 4 different speed settings. Using these setting you can:

  • Treat calluses and thick skin on the feet. It can also smooth out rough skin.
  • Thin out thick toe and finger nails.
  • File down & smooth the length of nails.
  • Buff the nails for extra shine.
  • Remove excess cuticles.

There are different size heads for all the different jobs you could potentially need doing. So there are tiny ones for treating the small corners of your fingernail, and big ones for smoothing the large rough areas. It really is a very diverse system.

The whole set comes in a travel case for easy storage and has a rather simple design. This means it’s both easy to use and reliable. Perfect for men and women alike.

The “disks” which are attached to the heads are made of sapphire and should last a substantial time. However replacements are available if needed.


It’s essentially a professional kit which can give very similar results to those you can get from a salon. It can save you time and money in the long term. Especially if you frequently get manicures. If you’re a man (or woman!) and have bad calluses it can be much less embarrassing treating them using this device. Depending on how bad they are it could also work out cheaper too.

Even if you’re not after salon quality results it’s a good buy. We all need to file and buff our nails. This makes the process much easier.


The results you get won’t always be good as a treatment at a salon. However this will depend how good you are at it!  Although it’s a professional piece of equipment, there are better ones available to salons. So you can’t expect to match some of the more expensive professional treatments.

If you’re giving yourself a pedicure it could be a little bit tricky. In these situations it may be better to get someone else to do it.

The device itself isn’t cheap (see below) but you don’t want to be paying much less than this if you want good results. You usually get what you pay for. Very cheap devices aren’t as robust and can even make a mess of your nails. They’ll also not have anywhere near as many uses as the PediNova.

What Else You Need to Know

The system should be available for under $100, have a look at the latest price on Amazon. It also comes with a one year warranty. Looking around the web it has received some good reviews. On Amazon it has a four star rating out of nearly 60 reviews.

There are a mixture of people, both using it for beauty style manicures, and removing calluses, who say it’s great at what it does. Whatever the purpose.

Check out the latest price.