Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System Review

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL







        Ease of Use



          • Can be used on face.
          • Very long life.
          • Easy and simple design.
          • Great value.


          • Not very manoeuvrable.
          • Performance isn't as good as some higher priced.

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          Philips have a reputation for providing a range of high quality electronic devices. But laser hair removal is a bit of a new venture for them. However they do have a background in health products and lighting. Perhaps it could be the perfect combo? So let’s have a look at their first device with the Lumea Comfort IPL.

          The Device Essentials

          At its core the Philips Lumea Comfort is probably one of the most idiot proof, simple and easy to use devices out there. It has a simple design with a single large button on the top to active the device, and an intensity setting button. The device has a great safety feature which automatically makes sure your skin is suitable. On other devices you need to separately scan your skin before you start the treatment, the Lumea neatly combines it into one easy step. It plugs right into the wall as opposed to being rechargeable.

          Further to its user friendly design you can keep the button held down and the system will sense when it’s over skin. So you just need to to hold the button in and move it to the next area after each flash.

          The device itself is incredibly lightweight and easy to use. However due to its wide and long surface area it makes it harder to get onto certain areas. So it’s perhaps a little less manoeuvrable than other devices.

          How Well Does it do its Job?

          Like other laser hair removal devices the Lumea needs to be used consistently and routinely over several weeks before you’ll start to see decent results. But if you follow instructions correctly you should be able to achieve permanent hair reduction. However you’ll need to be consistent and continue to use the device. At first you’ll need to use it quite a lot, but then as the hair reduction starts to take effect, you’ll need to use it less intensively.

          The best feature about the Lumea is how long it lasts. It has over 200000 flashes which should be enough to treat your body many many times over. So you really won’t need to spend extra on replacement lamps, which can add a lot of unexpected cost to other devices.

          The Lumea treats a decent sized area so you can perform the treatment in a relatively short amount of time. This sometimes is a major gripe about other systems. Even if performance is amazing, you don’t want to end up getting bored and giving up half way through a treatment because it’s taking so long.
          The pain is practically non existent. This could either be a good or bad thing. Good because, well, who likes pain? And bad because you really feel like a device is destroying those hair follicles if it hurts. However that’s not always technically accurate as the devices all work in different ways.

          It’s possible to use the Lumea on parts of the face such as the chin, upper lip, neck. This is a feature which isn’t always possible with other device, especially on devices in this price range.


          We think this is perhaps the best value system out there when you consider that it works on the face, lasts as long as any other device out there, provides good permanent results, and is available at a great price.

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