Typical Laser Skin Tightening Costs

dollarsWhen we’re talking about laser skin tightening, we’re not just talking about one device. The phrase includes hundreds of different treatments. So when we’re thinking about the costs of such treatments, we need to get a little bit more specific. Some may require anaesthetic and lengthy aftercare, while others can be completely done in under an hour.

What Are The Most Important Factors in Determining Price?

Although there is a substantial price difference between the sort of laser used, there are common factors which can influence price. As you will see most of these are common sense:

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Laser Skin Tightening Reviews: What are People Saying?

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As with all sorts of beauty treatments you research online, you’re going to hear a lot of different opinions. Some people are going to think it’s a miracle cure, others a waste of money.

Generally speaking you shouldn’t put too much trust into any one review. But you can get an overall impression. We’ll collect some common opinions, thoughts and themes on this page which may help you understand at least a little about the sort of results you can expect.

Common Themes

Light Wrinkling

The tightening works well on cases of light to medium wrinkling. The biggest improvements are noticed by those who are 40 – 60. This is simply because there will be more wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes which can be treated. Younger individuals will still see good results on wrinkled areas and won’t need as many sessions to get the results they want.

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Laser Resurfacing Side Effects & Risks

side effectLaser resurfacing instantly sounds like a risky treatment doesn’t it? Its complex nature sometimes means that people aren’t fully aware of the side effects and dangers associated with the process. The fact that there are loads of different types of laser resurfacing & rejuvenation treatment further complicates matters.

Potential Side Effects

As we have discussed here laser resurfacing can come in two forms – ablative and non ablative. Each treatment type has a range of different side effects associated with it. On top of that the intensity of the treatment, your skin characteristics and the skill of the practitioner can also impact the extent of the side effects. So knowing the exact issues you could face isn’t always going to be straightforward.

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How Long Does Laser Skin Tightening Last?

We have looked at how much the laser tightening procedure is here. As you can see it’s quite expensive, costing several thousand dollars for a few treatments. So you’ll want to know how long it can potentially last for so you can decide whether it’s worth the investment.

As with all forms of laser skin tightening, how long the results last depend upon the exact sort of treatment you get. Is it ablative or non ablative? Did you get it from a reputable professional or somewhere cheaper? Was it an intensive treatment or a quick touch up?

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Does Laser Resurfacing Actually Work?

questionWhen looking at various treatments we need to understand that there are no fixed rules. Whether the procedure provides excellent results or not can depend on a lot of different factors.

When looking at laser resurfacing, there isn’t any one standard device which is used across the country, nor does everyone have the same skin attributes. We all have different skin types.

The simple answer is yes it does work. But how well it works depends on several factors.

How Exactly Does it Work?

The laser treatment uses an ingenious method to cause the skin to create more collagen and elastin. Understanding the science behind the process may put your mind at ease before treatment, or convince you that it really works.

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Laser Resurfacing Treatment Information


Laser resurfacing is one of the latest non invasive beauty treatments. It’s a procedure which improves the appearance of the face by removing or reducing a number of skin blemishes. problem & wrinkles. There are essentially two types of treatment:

  • Non ablative – The most recent treatment. A non-wounding laser which stimulates the growth of collagen and tightening of the underlying skin.
  • Ablative – A wounding laser which eliminates the top layer of skin so it regrows fresh & new. Also tightens the underlying skin.

If you want a quick recovery and less invasive treatment then you should try the non ablative laser, however, this procedure is typically less effective than the ablative laser.

Key Facts

Pain: Low/High
Duration : Long Term
Typical Cost : $700-1000+
Sessions Needed : 3-8
Treatment Time : Medium/Long

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