How Does Spray Tanning Work?

chemicalSitting in the sun all day isn’t the only way to get an amazing tan. There’s a much faster way.

This is by using a spray tan. There are naturally a few assumptions you may make about the process. Is it staining your skin? What sort of colors can you get? How does the process actually work? Hopefully below we’ll give you a basic understanding of how exactly everything works.

What is the Process All About?

One of the main reasons why spray tanning has become popular is because of the short amount of time the whole process takes. All you have to do is to walk into a tanning salon where you’ll be sprayed with special tanning chemicals. The process is complete within a few minutes and you can walk out of the tanning booth with the tanned look that you wanted. The reason this process is so fast, mostly comes down to the chemical reactions happening on your skin.

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Does Spray Tan Cover Stretch Marks?

sun drawingThe short answer is YES it can! Read on for more info.

Spray tanning is a popular alternative to sunbeds and regular outdoor sunbathing. It offers several benefits over traditional tanning methods. It can also cover stretch marks. If done properly the appearance of stretch marks can be severely reduced with spray tans. At least for a short time anyway – spray tans aren’t permanent.

What are Stretch Marks?

They can be caused by loads of things like pregnancy, exercise and weight gain. If you want to know more about stretch marks, and potential ways to reduce them, visit our stretch marks part of the site. Unfortunately stretch marks are permanent. They will fade over time but will never be gone completely. The best method is to try and make them less noticeable.

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Do Spray Tans Look Natural?

tanNo one wants a horrible orange looking tan which is obviously fake. Here we will look into how realistic they can actually look.

Tanning has been around since the 1950s. Many people would sit in the sun frequently for hours or longer in order to get tanned skin. Later on, sunbeds became available and people focused on getting a tan from sunbeds to decrease the chance of getting skin cancer.

However in the 1970s it was circulated that skin cancer could also come from using sunbeds. This is when spray tans were developed. Thus, the attention of the public then focused on getting spray tans as an alternative to sunbathing and sunbeds.

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Can You Spray Tan While Pregnant?

sprayFor some women, spray tanning is a big part of their beauty routine. Even during pregnancy they want to look their best. But as always it’s important to take all necessary safety considerations into account.

Home Tan vs Salon Tan

Spray tans at a salon, and spray tanning using home products you can buy from a shop work in a similar way. They contain the same key ingredient which is DHA. The DHA works on your top layer of skin and doesn’t penetrate much deeper. So it doesn’t get absorbed into your system. So any spray tan should be perfectly safe if applied directly to the skin. The potential problems occur when the DHA is inhaled. There has been no congruent study yet on the effects of spray tanning on pregnant women. However, it has been found that inhaling DHA can potentially cause cancer. There are no overwhelmingly conclusive results, but there is a possibility it can cause genetic mutations in human DNA.

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Spray Tan FAQ



Spray tanning has always been quite popular, especially for those who like to showcase a tan all year round. There are many women (and men) who are turning to this solution for a great even tan. This is partially because people are beginning to take notice of the dangers of skin cancer. In this article we’ll give you a quick introduction to spray tanning so you can decide if it’s right for you.

History of Tanning

In the 1950’s, tanning first started to become popular. This is partially to do with people being able to enjoy their holidays elsewhere around the world. Sunbeds rose in the mid 1970s and were continuously in demand by many.

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The Typical Microdermabrasion Results You Can Expect

faceEssentially the one thing you expect after the microdermabrasion treatment is better and smoother skin. The aim of this procedure is to remove the dead cells leaving you with fresh new skin. You may need to have more than one treatment to get the best possible results.

The Results

After your first treatment, your skin may have a red or pink appearance which can take a day or so to fade away. This redness may last longer depending on your skin type. If your skin is more sensitive than usual the redness could last longer. However it’s possible to vary the intensity of the treatment for those with sensitive skin. You won’t see results as quickly but you downtime will be much shorter. After the initial few days the positive results start to come through.

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Microdermabrasion vs. Chemical Peels – What’s The Difference?

chemMicrodermabrasion and chemical peels are both procedures carried out to solve a variety of skin problems. They’re both very similar. These cosmetic procedures remove the topmost layer of your skin allowing new skin to grow in its place. Here we will have a look at the key differences between the two procedures.

Firstly let’s quickly look at what both sessions entail for those of you not familiar with the process.

An Overview

Microdermabrasion – A process which can be done a home, at a clinic or at a salon which uses crystals or a diamond tip to gently rub away the top layer of your skin. It’s like a much more powerful version of exfoliating your skin.

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Is Microdermabrasion Safe?

warningMicrodermabrasion can help with lots of skin problems such as acne scars, skin aging and fine lines. It deals with these problems by gently removing the epidermis which contains dead and sometimes damaged skin cells.

It’s a procedure that does not need any invasive surgery or skin penetration. It just removes the dead skin cells using a diamond tipped wand or aluminium oxide crystals. But exactly how safe is this process?

Potential Side Effects

This procedure does not have many serious side effects as long as proper care is taken.

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Is Microdermabrasion Good for Treating Acne Scars?


Acne, also known as Acne Vulgaris is a widespread skin disease which is common among the young and old alike. It’s characterized by red skin, pimples and blackheads. It’s a problem that mostly affects the face, the upper part of the back and the upper part of the chest.

For most people, this skin disease diminishes over time but many people have trouble getting rid of it.

However, there are those who continue to struggle with acne in their thirties and forties. No one can predict how long this skin disease can last. Acne scars are a result of bursting the pimples which become blackheads and whiteheads. Acne scars can become permanent when they are not treated in due time. Microdermabrasion works well for a number of skin problems. What can it do for acne scars?

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How Much Does Microdermabrasion Cost?

dollarMicrodermabrasion is a good treatment. But the cost is always going to be a major concern. Your budget can determine which treatment method you use. You can go to a professional dermatologist to have the procedure done, or you can decide to have the procedure done at a local salon or spa.

Some people even buy microdermabrasion kits to use at home.

The last of these options is the cheapest, but more expensive treatments from someone with professional training are always going to provide better results and be safer.

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Professional Microdermabrasion Treatment


crystalMicrodermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that uses tiny crystals to remove dead and damaged cells from the top layer of your skin. This procedure is carried out by professionals at a clinic or can be done at home using smaller devices.

The home treatment can involve the use of gel or cream with tiny crystals that exfoliate the skin or even devices similar to the professional ones.

It is a painless, easy and non-invasive procedure. On this part of the site we’re going to look at the clinic based microdermabration treatments.

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Typical Laser Skin Tightening Costs

dollarsWhen we’re talking about laser skin tightening, we’re not just talking about one device. The phrase includes hundreds of different treatments. So when we’re thinking about the costs of such treatments, we need to get a little bit more specific. Some may require anaesthetic and lengthy aftercare, while others can be completely done in under an hour.

What Are The Most Important Factors in Determining Price?

Although there is a substantial price difference between the sort of laser used, there are common factors which can influence price. As you will see most of these are common sense:

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