Silk n FaceFX Reviewed. Too Good To Be True?

silknfacefxAging is inevitable, but looking old can be avoided – at least for a while. That is what the Silk n Face FX anti-aging device promises its customers. This device is used on the face and is an incredibly technologically advanced piece of equipment. Especially when compared to similar products in the area of skin rejuvenation, wrinkle combat and general improvement of skin texture.

Essentially the Silk n Face FX can be used at home to delay the appearance of old age using light and heat. Not only is the system non invasive (it doesn’t break the skin), you can use it whenever and wherever you want. So there’s no need for repeat costly treatment. Just buy the device, and that’s it.

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PediNova III Electric Manicure Set: An Overview

<pedinova 3The PediNova III is like the Swiss army knife of nail equipment. It can give you any number of manicure & pedicure treatments. It’s the sort of device that when you have it, you have no idea how you managed without it!

If you’re serious about your nails then it’s pretty much an essential buy. Not only can it save time, but it can make your nails look fantastic too. Let’s take a closer look…


So what can it do? The PediNova III comes with a wide selection of 14 tools and 4 different speed settings. Using these setting you can:

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Over The Counter Facial Peels

You’ll have surely heard of facial peels (sometimes called a chemical peel) which you can get from spas and salons. It smooths the texture of the skin using a chemical solution which removes the dead skin cells. The skin underneath is usually much smoother and less wrinkled. There are also home based over the counter kits available. While these may sound like a great way to burn half your face off, they’re actually pretty safe if used correctly. They’re quite low strength strength so, unlike some spa treatments, there won’t be excessive peeling. The worst side effect you’re likely to get flaky skin & redness. So don’t let the scary “chemical peel” phrase put you off!

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Tria 4X Home Laser Hair Removal System Review

Adjusted Reviews & Score from Around the Web

“Adjusted” means we have filtered out the fake reviews, “sponsored” reviews and reviews where the customer didn’t use the device properly (for example they used the device once and gave up). You can read more about our reviews process on our main reviews page.

  • – 622 reviews – 3.6 Stars. We have adjusted this to 3.9 because of a large amount of reviews where the product has been used incorrectly, and on wrong skin types, and people who have a lower pain tolerance than average. This device does hurt more than the others but is also more effective.
  • – 47 reviews – 3.7 Stars. We have adjusted this to 4 stars for similar reasons to above.
  • Sephora [Large beauty retailer] – 284 reviews – 4.2 Stars – No adjustments needed. All seem fair and genuine.
  • [Large beauty retailer] – 46 reviews – 3.8 Stars – Adjusted up to 3.8 stars. Insufficient time used for a few reviews.
  • [Beauty reviews site] – 83 reviews – 3.5 – Adjusted to 3.6 – Insufficient use admitted for low reviews.

Weighted average of all reviews = 3.96

4x-triaYou must have heard of the Tria laser hair removal device. It’s one of the most popular home laser hair removal systems on the market. And for good reason.

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