Remington I-Light Pro Review

Remington I-Light Pro

Remington I-Light Pro







        Ease of Use



          • It's a great price.
          • Good selection of features.
          • Decent results.
          • No need to recharge.


          • May need to buy new flash cartridges.
          • Cartridges may not last as long as advertised.
          • Differing results reported.

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          “Adjusted” means we have filtered out the fake reviews, “sponsored” reviews and reviews where the customer didn’t use the device properly (for example they used the device once and gave up). You can read more about our reviews process on our main reviews page.

          • – 829 reviews – 3.4 Stars. We have adjusted this to 3.5 because of customers admitting to not using it as instructed
          • – 52 reviews – 3.3 Stars. Adjusted to 3.5 because of customers with wrong hair type using it and other customers not understand what the device was for.
          • Sephora [Large beauty retailer] – N/A
          • [Large beauty retailer] – N/A
          • [Beauty reviews site] – 4 reviews – 4.5 – This is an accurate gauge of the product.

          Weighted average of all reviews = 3.50


          Along with the Tria and the Silk’n SensEpil the Remington I-Light is the other big name home hair removal device on the market. How does it compare to the others?

          The Rise of the I-Light

          The Reminton I-Light seems to have been selling very well recently. Perhaps better than its rivals. Why? Perhaps because the Reminton is for sale at a very good price. You can expect to pay around $225 for the device. This is quite a bit cheaper than the amount the other devices are charging. But is quality sacrificed? Can it still provide great treatment?  Let’s look.


          The I-Light has many of the same features that the other devices have. It has a built-in sensor that makes sure your skin type is correct, a skin contact sensor, and 5 different energy levels so you can set the correct intensity. It works on light to medium skin colors and on black or brown hair. But it’s not suitable for ginger or blond hair.

          How Many Uses?

          The device runs on a cartridge which has 1500 flashes, Remington say that this cartridge is enough to treat your whole body 2-3 times. Additional cartridges can be bought for around $20. The Silk’n devices also use cartridges. The device plugs straight into a power supply so there’s no need to wait for charging. You can use it for as long as you want (within reason!)

          As you can see it does everything the other devices do, so the lower price isn’t because it has fewer features.


          Results are usually noticeable after just a few sessions – hair will begin to fall out. However to get the most out of the device you’ll need to use it 3 times every two weeks. After that you’ll just need to use it whenever you see some hair regrowth. To see good results you need to follow all of the instructions that come with the device very carefully. People who are disappointed by the device have usually failed to follow the instructions properly. It really is a long-term process. Because of the way laser hair removal works, the more you use it, the better the results you should see.

          Follow Instructions!

          If you follow the instructions you should get the results that Remington claim. But remember that everyone’s different and this massively impacts the performance of laser hair removal. It will work better on some people compared to others.


          Overall the Remington I-Light is a great value device. It has lots of cool features and provides good results. Although because of the lower price you can’t expect the results to be as good as the more expensive systems. However in terms of performance it’s not far off. And that’s to be expected really.

          You won’t be able to just forget about hair removal when you’ve treated everywhere. The hair will be back. You’ll need top up sessions. But this still saves much more time when compared to shaving. We think it’s better to think of the device as a really efficient time saving shaver!

          It’s hard to say which device to go for. If you really can’t afford the other devices then go for this. But it may result in you needing to spend slightly more time giving yourself treatments.

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          Video of the iLight

          Please note that this video uses a mixture of devices, you can’t use the iLight Pro, or the iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz on the face.

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