What Causes Ingrown Hair

questionIt can sometimes be hard to properly understand how ingrown hair actually occurs. But if you’ve got a better understanding of how they form and their causes, then hopefully you can take further steps to avoid getting them again in the future.

How Do People Usually Get Them?

There are essentially three main ways people can get ingrown hair. Through hair removal, damaging hair follicles, and through natural growth. So unfortunately if you’re prone to ingrown hairs there isn’t always a lot you can do.

Read ways you can try and prevent getting them here.

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The Top Ingrown Hair Home Treatments

tweezerWe’ve already looked at preventing ingrown hair, here we will look at how to remove ingrown hairs if you do get them. All of these methods can be done cheaply from the comfort of your own home.

All you’ll need is a few common items. Have a look here for professional solutions.

Releasing the Hair

Follow these steps in order for the best chance of removing the hair:


The first thing you should try is exfoliation because it’s the easiest, and least invasive method of removing ingrown hair. Exfoliating the area can remove dirt and skin cells which are clogging up the pores. When this dirt is removed there’s a chance that the hair may be able to grow the correct way.

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The Best Professional Ingrown Hair Treatment

Courtesy of Vancouver Laser & Skincare Centre

There are different sorts of ingrown hairs. Some can easily be removed at home while others need more serious treatment from a professional. It is the latter sort of treatment we’ll look at on this page. However, it’s important to talk to your dermatologist or doctor before undertaking these treatments. Our skin is very complex so what works for one individual may not work for another.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can severely damage your hair follicles (but don’t worry it’s meant to do this!) If they can’t produce hair then you won’t suffer from ingrown hairs. The device targets hair follicles by finding the melanin (dark pigments) in our skin and firing a burst of heat at it. The heat travels down the hair and damages / destroys the hair follicle.

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How To Avoid Ingrown Hairs When Shaving & Waxing

wax-solutionIt can be a real nightmare getting rid of ingrown hairs. Once they happen once, they’re going to be back time and time again unless you do something. If you’ve got quite a few which need relieving then this can take absolutely ages. The best method is to try and not get them in the first place. On this page we’ll hopefully provide advice on how to do this.


The first and most obvious method to reduce ingrown hairs is this; stop shaving! This will massively reduce the amount of ingrown hairs you get. Or you could just trim certain areas rather than fully shaving them. Since your hairs are still sticking out of the skin after a trim, there’s no way they can become ingrown.

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A Quick FAQ on Ingrown Hair



When it comes to hair removal, ingrown hairs are perhaps the main reason you’ll want to remove them. Not just for cosmetic reasons but because they can get quite painful and even infected if not properly treated. The above articles specifically answer some of the detailed questions you may have about the skin condition. However here we will quickly answer some of the main questions people have and look at some of the key facts.

Have a question which isn’t answered? Leave a comment or get in touch.

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