Numbing Cream for Laser Hair Removal


Is the pain of laser hair removal too much? Or maybe you just have a low pain tolerance and want something to take the edge off. Numbing cream can do the job but it doesn’t just help with the pain during the treatment. It does much more. Read on to find out how it can help.

About The Creams

If you’ve spent a good deal on getting laser hair removal, you may as well make yourself as comfortable as possible. After all, the creams aren’t costly; you can usually pick them up for under $25. It can really help with aftercare – sometimes after the treatment is more painful than what goes on during!

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Laser Hair Removal and Pregnancy


This surprisingly is quite a popular question!

As you probably know, you hormones are all over the place during pregnancy. One of the side effects of this is hair growth. You can see a massive increase in hair everywhere! This pushes some women into considering laser treatment.

But the one word which should be in the forefront of your mind is safety. The next point you should be considering is how much of an impact it would have if the treatment was safe.

Here we’ll look at some key details which will hopefully help you make the right decision by providing you with information on the complications it can cause.

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How Safe Is Laser Hair Removal?

questionThe short answer is yes. It is safe under the right conditions. Although as with everything there can be some risk involved. Whether the treatment is safe or not mostly comes down to who is performing the procedure, rather than the technology itself being safe.

This advice applies to treatment from a clinic, and treatment using your own home device.

Lasers – Sounds Dangerous!

Yes the word laser does sound like it involves quite a bit of danger. But the devices are designed to target your hair, not your skin. So if everything is working properly, and you have light skin, you’ll just feel a tiny bit of pain as the heat from the laser damages your follicle. And that’s a good thing. That’s how the devices work.

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Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?


This is a question that really needs to be clarified. The words permanent hair removal are used a lot but is that an accurate description of laser hair removal? Or is it just marketing hype?

The Only Permanent Form

Technically the only form of permanent hair removal, would be a treatment which completely stops the follicle from producing any hair.

Electrolysis can do this. However the problem with electrolysis is that it takes a while to complete a treatment and can be very painful.

Every follicle needs to be treated one by one. But the follicles are 100% destroyed forever. They should never regenerate if done properly.

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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Can’t be bothered reading? Scroll to the bottom of the page for an infographic which gives you a rough idea of how much it costs.

Remember that all prices on this page are a rough estimation. There are too many factors which can dictate price. You’ll be able to find salons charging much more and much less.

Generally speaking laser hair removal is quite expensive. Overall though it hopefully will save you money when compared to shaving, waxing or other temporary shaving methods. We’ll tell you exactly how in this article.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?


If you’re thinking about getting laser hair removal treatment, it’s best to know a little bit about how it works.

The process can be quite complex, but if you know the basics then it’ll help you make a decision about whether you want the treatment or not. It will also help you understand why one treatment isn’t enough to get good results.

Hair Follicles & Hair Removal

Hair follicles are the most important part of hair removal. As you probably know follicles produce hair. No new follicles are created after we’re born but they have an incredible ability to repair themselves. They go through three stages of  growth and at any one time, they will be in a certain stage. These stages of growth are very important to hair removal treatments. Let’s look at them:

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5 Popular Laser Hair Removal Myths

smooth-legsIf there’s one beauty treatment which has a lot of misinformation and myths spread about it, it’s laser hair removal. Some have elements of truth to them and others are just far-fetched speculation from those who don’t understand the process well enough.

Here are the 5 most popular myths…

1. Laser Hair Removal is Really Painful

This myth is perhaps left over from when laser hair removal was painful. The technology has come quite far over the years. When the technology first hit the market it was unpredictable. Sometimes causing severe skin damage as well as removing the hair. Obviously when things went wrong they could be very painful!

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Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is the permanent reduction of body hair using (you’ll never guess it!) lasers. It’s pretty good at making unwanted hair a thing of the past.

For some people unwanted hair can be a real nightmare – especially women. But you don’t want to jump straight into expensive salon treatments.

Laser hair removal treatment can be costly, painful and you may need several sessions. The above articles answer some of the key questions about laser hair removal in more detail. Don’t rush into getting the treatment.

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