Waxing : A Quick Guide


If there’s one thing for which it’s better not to learn as you go, it’s waxing. Jumping in at the deep end isn’t really a wise option we think you’ll agree! So here’s a quick guide for waxing at home.

Some of this can also benefit you before you get waxing done professionally.

Choose Your Product

Firstly you’ll need to pick a product which you’ll use to carry out the procedure. You can buy a semi professional kit which uses hot wax or you can use the home waxing strip kits. Which one you use doesn’t matter too much.

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The Best Waxing Centers – What To Look for In a Waxing Salon

choiceMore and more people are becoming comfortable with having a body wax done. The super smooth skin which comes from the process can’t really be provided by anything else.

In some cases, you will find that people want a Brazilian wax, meaning it includes waxing the genital areas (what’s said in this article is especially important if you’re thinking of getting one of these!). These are very tricky areas to do by yourself. Because of this, there is an increase in the number of spas that are starting to adopt waxing as part of the services they offer.

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Is Body Waxing for Men Becoming More Acceptable?

manThe idea of men’s waxing has always been considered a little controversial. This is because for many years, waxing was a beautification method that was mainly reserved for women.

Waxing is the idea of getting rid of all the bodies’ unwanted hair. Through waxing, you will make your skin soft, smooth and hopefully you won’t need to shave as much either. It is for this main reason that men all over the world are slowly embracing the idea of male waxing.

Who Does It?

Another reason is for the sake of looking good. Many different men are involved in industries that require them to maintain a waxed body. Whether it’s because of modelling, sports, or men who are used in advertisements, waxing is considered as an added advantage in some men’s overall appearance. Through this, the concept of male waxing has also gained popularity within the general population.

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How Much Does a Full Body Wax Cost?

bodyIf you are looking for a new look or a way to revamp your appearance then maybe you should consider a full body wax. Waxing is one of the best ways to boost your confidence and make you feel great about yourself. Especially if excess hair growth is a real problem.

If you have never had an all over wax, there are a couple of things that you need to know. One area many people overlook is the price of getting it. The following information will give you a rough idea of how much you can expect to pay. We’ll look at the costs of individual areas too.

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Getting a Brazilian Wax and What You Must Know

beachYou’ll undoubtedly have heard of Brazilian waxes. They involve getting rid of nearly all the unwanted hair from your genital area.

It differs from a bikini wax because more hair is removed. A bikini wax just removes hair which is visible when you’re wearing a bikini.

This particular type of waxing is most popular with women. However men are starting to get something similar done on their genital areas too. Salons are starting to offer the service for both sexes.

Brazilian waxing was started around 1987 and it slowly started to take root in places like the United States. Over the years, the same method is still used all over the world and is more popular than ever. It was an idea that was developed by seven Brazilian sisters who moved to New York. The sisters were known popularly in Brazil as the J. sisters. Their legacy since then has grown and their service is now being used internationally.

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Epilator vs Wax – The Best Approach

legsTreatment using an epilator and waxing treatments are quite similar. They both involve the same method of removing hair – pulling it out. But which one is best? As with everything they both have their advantages and disadvantages. So neither is best overall. But they both excel in certain areas. Yes we know that’s a bit of a cop out answer but it’s the truth!

An Overview of Epilators

We’ve looked at waxing quite a bit on this site, but not epilators. Epilators are a hand held device which on first glance look like a normal shaver. However they don’t cut the hair, they pull it. They grasp several hairs at once and pull them up from the roots. This is better than shaving because the hair will take longer to regrow if it has to grow from the root, rather than the surface of the skin.

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Does Waxing Actually Reduce Hair Growth?


The short answer is that YES, in SOME cases it can. Read on more more information.

Does waxing reduce hair growth? Reliable evidence on this question is hard to come by. The best bet is to try it yourself and see if you notice a difference.

Waxing in theory should make your hair regrow finer and lighter if you do it for long enough. Repeated waxing sessions could leave your follicles weakened. It won’t ever stop the hair growth forever, but it may mean that the follicles can only produce lighter and finer hair.

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Waxing in the Salon & Spa


candleWaxing is a very effective way to remove hair. It’s offered in salons all around the world. It’s cheap, clean and long lasting. Home waxing kits have also recently begun to make their way onto the market.

The idea of waxing involves getting rid of body hairs quickly and cleanly. Some people prefer to use tweezers or shave, but arguably, waxing is the superior method.

One of the key benefits is that you don’t need to worry about hair removal on the area you’ve had waxed. This is a nice bonus, even if the effect is temporary. Furthermore the hair follicles will be weakened. This means the hair should grow back finer and lighter. We discuss the long term benefits of waxing in the articles above.

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