Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos

Eyebrow tattoos are one of the most common forms of cosmetic tattooing. This is because they can actually be done under existing eyebrow hair. Consequently, they’re very subtle and natural looking while providing increased definition without the need for extra makeup.

The procedure will involve the drawing of lots of little eyebrow hairs onto your eyebrows. This gives realistic results even when looked at close up. Although for the most natural results, eyebrow hair is recommended, it’s perfectly acceptable to have the tattoo done without hair.

Does it Hurt

The pain you’ll experience will be similar to that of a normal tattoo. However numbing cream is usually applied more liberally to the eyebrow area. This means pain should be minimal. Most people report minimal pain, however everyone’s pain tolerance is different.

Different Styles

You can use practically any style you want when eyebrow tattooing. It’s common to go with your current style but due to factors such as thinning eyebrows you may want to try something a bit different.

Some people prefer to keep most of their natural hair around their eyebrows for more of a natural look, but it’s not essential.

The style is something you should have a good idea about before you go for your treatment. Although at a reputable salon you should also be able to get a great deal of good advice on the matter too. They should know which styles and colors will fit your face while still looking natural.

After the Treatment

Initially your eyebrows will look much darker than you may be expecting, this is due to a build up of ink on your skin. Your eyebrows will lighten as your skin peels. This can take up to one week. It’s important not to try and speed this process up by exfoliating your eyebrows. They ideally shouldn’t come into contact with any water for the full week.

The colors of your eyebrows will actually develop over several weeks, so it’s best to wait a bit until you decide if you want increased darkness.

Touch Ups

A second touch up session will usually, but not always be required. It’s possible some parts of the original tattoo won’t be as dark as you’d like. Or maybe there’s a few adjustments you’d like in relation to the shape.

Later a touch up may be required because of the gradual fading over time. They’ll never fade completely, but they may just not be as dark as you’d like. The color of your skin, and the colour of your eyebrows will dictate how long it may be until you need a touch up. It could be as often as every 6 months, or as little as never.

Ask your stylist for more information.