Our Silk’n Flash and Go Hair Removal Review

Silk'n Flash and Go

Silk'n Flash and Go







        Ease of Use



          • Nice and easy to get anywhere on your body.
          • Can be used on the face.
          • Lasts for a while without needing a new cartridge.
          • Some excellent results with minimal pain.


          • Still need to buy new cartridges.
          • Can take longer to treat bigger areas.

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          • Amazon.com – 1075 reviews – 3.2 Stars. We have adjusted this to 3.4 because of reviews about the seller, not the actual product.
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          • Sephora [Large beauty retailer] N/A
          • ulta.com [Large beauty retailer] – 154 reviews – 4.2 Stars – Reviews seem fair.
          • makeupalley.com [Beauty reviews site] – 12 reviews – 3.7 – This is an accurate gauge of the product.

          Weighted average of all reviews = 3.50

          Flash and goThe Flash and Go is from Silk’n, just like the SensEpil. So what’s the difference? Well one thing you’ll notice is size. The SensEpil (6cm treatment area) is perhaps better at treating larger areas like the legs or arms, where as the Flash and Go (4cm treatment area) is better at treating areas which are harder to reach like the bikini or facial areas. The SensEpil actually isn’t meant to be used on the face at all. They even warn against it.


          The device plugs into the wall so you don’t need to worry about charging it. We think this is a good idea because you may want to have a longer session treating yourself. It’s frustrating when a laser hair removal device runs out of energy.

          As usual with this type of device it tests your skin to make sure you’re a suitable candidate for laser hair removal. This ensures that you have no chance of your skin getting burned. Laser hair removal isn’t good at treating people with dark skin or people who have blond / ginger hair.

          Technology & Ease of Use

          The technology used is very similar to the sort which is being used in salons and spas. So you know it’s tried and tested. The Home Pulsed Light technology has been tested over years by qualified physicians. The bottom line is this – it works and you will get results if you use it correctly.

          Using the device couldn’t be simpler, just put it over the area you want to treat and pull the trigger. That’s it.

          This Silk’n device also needs cartridges. However these hold 2000 flashes which will last for ages.


          At first 3-4 treatments should be taken every two weeks. Silk’n claim you should be able to see results after these two weeks – up to a 50% reduction in hair growth. After this the results only get better. They also claim that results are comparable with the results you can get from a clinic. Judging from what people seem to be saying this appears to be true. The great thing is that you can continue to treat other areas of you body too. It really does save you a lot of money. It can actually save you thousands of dollars if you were thinking about getting a lot of laser treatment done. You can save a lot of time getting the treatment in the comfort of your own home too.

          You’ll still need to shave occasionally, but much less. It certainly won’t be a daily occurrence.

          Unlike some of the other devices this system hardly hurts at all. Even on maximum intensity. If you have problems with pain then this is probably the best system for you.


          We think this is actually one of the best devices on the market. We can’t think of any devices which outshine it. The price is good too and it’s a great size. You can be pretty sure you won’t be disappointed by this. Yes, it is towards the higher end of the market in terms of price, but you get what you pay for.

          It has received some very good reviews. Check them out and look at the current price!

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