Skin Conditions – The 10 Weirdest

side effectThere are different types of skin diseases and each type will have its own unique characteristics. If you think that you have issues with age spots, wrinkles as well as blemishes, think again! There are a lot of weird skin disorders that are often life threatening, debilitating, and inexplicable to health care professionals.

1. The Smurf Disease

Also known as Argyria, the Smurf Disease is a condition that involves the changing of the color of the skin to blue. It was in 2008 when a native of Oregon named Paul Karason shocked the world with his blue skin. The cobalt skin colors have appeared on and off for the last 14 years. The condition was caused by a liquid concoction that contained colloidal silver.

He started taking the concoction after his father died. His face actually broke out with a severe case of dermatitis, which was then stress related. Even though the concoction has not cured his dermatitis, he claims that this has improved his arthritis, acid reflux, and sinus problems. Silver has been commonly utilized medically even before penicillin was discovered and this was banned by the FDA in the year 1999.

2. Human Papilloma Virus

Severe infection from Human Pappiloma Virus or HPV causes the appearance of warts in the body. An Indonesian fisherman had this condition and was dubbed as the tree man. He first observed the warts after he got a cut on his knees when he was still a teenager. The condition worsened and he started growing horn like extensions all over his body.

This lead to the loss of his job, and he was also left by his wife and was shunned by his neighbours. After receiving a widespread publicity, he received donations and this allowed him to get treatments. It was only in 2008 when kilos of warts were removed from his body through a surgical procedure.

3. Gas Gangrene

This condition is a kind of gangrene or a mass body tissue death. This condition occurs with diabetes, poor circulation, and long term smokers. This type of gangrene is considered as a life threatening condition, and this involves the formation of gas within the dying flesh. There will be formations of bubbles, pustules, and blisters on the top portion of the dying area. This condition typically requires amputation and if left untreated, this can result to death.

4. Dermatographic Urticaria

For many people, a hard scratch can result to occurrence of raised red marks on the skin. However, for people suffering from dermatographic urticaria, a simple and light stroke, slap, or a scratch can result to raise red marks on the skin. This condition results from irregular histamines. Histamines are chemical compounds responsible for inflammation. This condition is often untreatable.

5. Werewolf Syndrome

The Werewolf Syndrome is also known as hypertrichosis. This condition involves the growing of a thick layer of hair in places where it usually does not, which include the chest, face, and arms. People who suffer from this condition typically have their faces covered with hair from their childhood years onwards. This condition can be managed through laser hair removal.

6. Tungiasis

This condition is caused by the chigoe fleas in South America, Africa, India and other places with tropical climates. This involves the burrowing of the insect under the skin where it lays its eggs. The lesion associated with this skin condition is colored white with a distinct black dot found in the middle portion.

The female fleas will position its head first so they can feed on the blood vessels while they defecate outside the skin. Once the female fleas are ready, they lay the eggs outside the skin and the eggs will drop to the ground. The cycle is completed once the adult flee will die under the skin and this will be sloughed off.

7. Blaschko’s Lines

This condition is characterized by strange stripes found all over the body. This skin disease is extremely rare. Moreover, this skin phenomenon has not been explained. Such lines are considered invisible patterns in a human DNA. However, the condition is manifested by a V shaped stripes over the skin as well as an S shape stripes on the chest, sides, and stomach portions.

8. Vitiligo

This skin disease is characterized by white skin patches. In this skin condition, the melanocytes on the skin are destroyed, which results to the occurrence of white patches on the skin. The condition can appear in any part of your body. This condition can even show on the mucous membranes as well as the retina of the eyes. The symptoms of vitiligo include white or perhaps gray hair on the skin patches and the white skin patches.

9. Varicose Veins

This condition involves the twisting and the enlarging of veins on the surface of the skin. These are commonly found in the ankles and the legs. This condition is typically not serious, but this can lead to other severe problems. This condition is caused by weakened veins and valves on the skin. When the valves do not function properly, the blood is collected on the legs while the pressure builds up. The affected veins become large, weak, and twisted.

10. Bubble Disorder

This condition is also known as neurofibromatosis. This is a genetic disorder that is caused by the mutation on the genes in the body. The mutation results to the appearance of small tumors all over the body. This can be controlled by laser removal.