Why You Should Visit a Teeth Whitening Dentist

dentistTeeth whitening is a procedure best carried out by a professional who has specialized in the aesthetic part of dentistry. Teeth whitening is a process that removes stains from your discoloured teeth.

Common reasons for getting the treatment is to improve self esteem and make you smile with more confidence. Although teeth whitening can be done at home, it’s a procedure that should be supervised by a dentist. This is to ensure no damage is caused to the teeth and to get the best (and longest lasting) results possible.

What Dentists Can do for You

It’s not just about getting your teeth white in the first place, but keeping them that way. Dentists can give expert advice on how to prevent your teeth from discoloring. They study your teeth and explain to you what caused them to discolour.

Dangers of Self Diagnosis

A dentist can determine whether the staining is caused by external elements or internal ones. Sometimes self diagnosis is not enough. You need a dentist to identify what is causing your teeth to discolour. It’s not always as simple as drinking too much coffee!

The use of excess fluoride can also discolour your teeth. A high concentration of fluoride in the water you drink can cause serious discoloring issues. Excessive use of fluoride products causes spots on your enamel. These spots are a different colour from the enamel and appear chalky. They can be identified by a dentist and he or she can recommend the appropriate way to get rid of them.

The Right Information

Dentists offer a wide range of methods to whiten your teeth. The process of bleaching the stain in your teeth isn’t too complicated. The dentist can explain how each method is done and the side effects associated with them. From the information provided, you are able to make an informed decision.

Danger of Home Remedies

Home remedies can be dangerous if performed incorrectly, hence you should use the services of a dentist if you’re worried about carrying out the procedure yourself. You can make regular visits to your dentist after the teeth whitening procedure for checkups. This will help the dentist monitor your progress and will help you attain longer lasting results.

Different teeth whitening treatments have different results. The mistakes people make is assuming that because home remedies worked for other people, they will work for them. Your dentist is the best advisor on what method to use when whitening your teeth. Everyone is unique.

So treatment from a dentist will overall be safer, faster and better. The equipment and experience they have access to will be unrivalled. You should also leave the dentist knowing how to keep your teeth whiter for longer. However all this comes at an increased cost when compared to DIY home kits.

Salon v Dentist

A distinction should be made between teeth whitening in a dentist, and whitening at a salon. They are not the same thing. The treatments provided in salons aren’t usually provided by qualified dentists. So some salons you need to be wary of. They may just be using teeth whitening products that you could buy yourself in a shop. However other salons may use high quality whitening gel and use professional lasers in their whitening treatments. Extra research should be done when considering getting the treatment at a salon.

The treatment from a salon will be cheaper, but not as good as at a dentist.