The Basics of Electrolysis


  • Price – What can influence price, the different pricing methods, and a full cost list for treatment.
  • How Painful is it? – The pain you’re likely to face during electrolysis & ways to reduce it.
  • Does it Work on Everyone? – What the FDA think of electrolysis and the results you can achieve.
  • Side Effects – A list of the potential problems associated with electrolysis.
  • Is It Permanent? – Explains why electrolysis is permanent compared to the other methods.

elecIf you are looking for a more permanent way to get rid of your body hair then there’s a solution. Electrolysis. The method isn’t as common as some others but has proved to be a solution that allows you to permanently get rid of all the hairs on your body. Most commonly it’s used to just treat a small area. For example the eyebrows or upper lip.

Electrolysis has been approved by the FDA as well as the American Medical Association as a safe way to get rid of unwanted hair. It’s much different from methods that involve waxing and tweezing; with electrolysis, you will get a long-term solution to all your hair growth problem. It’s a method which is ideal because in one session you will get rid of all the hairs on a certain area if done correctly.

Key Facts

Pain: High
Effectiveness : Very High
Typical Cost : $300-1000
Sessions Needed : 10+
Treatment Time : High

Ideally electrolysis doesn’t need a series of sessions on the same area but it typically will take longer to treat your whole body. Once a follicle has been properly treated it will be removed forever. However the practitioner may miss a hair follicle, or have to retreat a follicle which wasn’t properly destroyed. That’s why we said ideally; the technology works but due to human limitations 100% hair removal may not be achieved in one pass.

What does Electrolysis Entail?

Electrolysis is a method of hair removal that applies the use of electric currents. A needle is usually inserted directly into the hair follicle and a current is passed through. This completely destroys the follicle so it can never be repaired. The hair should then slide out, or fall out by itself.

The procedure gets around the biological fact that hair grows and develops in different stages. Body hair is never in the same stage at the same time. This is the reason that other methods of hair removal can be ineffective – you can’t pluck hair out if it’s not growing!

Finding The Follicle

The hair doesn’t need to be in any particular stage for electrolysis. However it will be better if the practitioner carrying out the procedure can actually see the hair follicle. Obviously this is easier if there is a hair growing out of it. Electrolysis needs to be performed by an expert. In many states it’s regulated. This means to provide electrolysis you need certain training or a licence. As you can imagine it needs a great deal of skill getting the needle properly into the follicle. Letting someone perform the treatment who doesn’t know what they’re doing is always going to be dangerous. You don’t want to go through all that pain for no results! So always ask about the experience of the practitioner. Ask about:

  • Their training.
  • How many procedures they’ve performed.
  • Their qualifications.

Advantages of Electrolysis

Electrolysis is ideal for those who want to permanently get rid of their hairs. It may cost more, and take longer to perform, but there’s 100% assurance of permanent hair removal if done properly. This is something the other types of hair removal can’t claim.

Smaller Sessions

Even though electrolysis is costly overall you can break it down into several smaller, cheaper, sessions. They will be more manageable in terms of cost, and time taken. Because electrolysis is quite painful it’s not advisable to spend too long receiving the treatment in one session anyway. Unlike laser hair removal you should get your treatments over the course of a few years. But once they’re done, you should be hairless on that area forever.

It Works On Everyone

The other advantage of using electrolysis as your choice of hair removal is it works regardless of your skin type and your hair color. Not everyone can use laser hair removal because it can cause damage to their skin. Electrolysis is however much safer when it comes to the risk of skin being burnt. It doesn’t target the skin pigmentation – it directly attacks the hair follicles. Read more information from the American Electrology Association.