The Remington Smooth and Silky Epilator – How Good is it?

reminton-epilatorWe’re quite big fans of epilators. They can provide fast results, which last for a long time. Essentially they combine the best elements of other hair removal methods. They combine the ease of shaving, with the long-lasting results of waxing. Here we look at the Remington Smooth and Silky.

Product Overview

Epilators in the past weren’t the best. Some didn’t pluck hairs out properly, others were just too painful. Some were close to torture devices! But as technology has advanced so has the quality of these devices. The Smooth and Silky epilator uses 42 tweezers which pluck the hair out at the root.

It’s possible to use the device either plugged in or, if it’s charged, cordlessly via a rechargeable battery. It can last about 40 minutes when it’s fully recharged.

There are two-speed settings. One of them is designed for fine hair and the other thicker hair types. So it can pretty much work on everyone. Remington also include a shaving head for sensitive or delicate areas. You’ve got everything you need in this package.

What do People Think?

A reoccurring theme with the product is how little it hurts. Yes it still hurts. But not as much as people think it’s going to. It’s plucking loads of your hairs out every second – you’d expect more pain!

People also seem to agree that it’s a sturdy reliable & device which should last for some time. This is essential because it’s the only way the device is going to work out as a real investment. It saves money over other methods of hair removal because you just buy the device, and that’s it. No more blades or waxing strips are needed.

Tips For Use

This product is all about consistent use. Read a little about how hair growth works on this page. So if you use it all the time you’re going to be able to pluck out the hair in different stages of growth. This means the rate at which your hair grows at will appear to slow down.

Usually when you pluck hair out and it regrows, it’s not the hair which you just plucked out regrowing, rather hair which was in a different stage of growth.

There’s always laser hair removal, but that’s much more expensive. This can be picked up for around $50, laser hair removal devices cost $200+. Even then you may need refills.

The end results both look and feel great. It’s not the highest quality device on the market but really wins on value. On Amazon people gave the system 4 stars and were happy with their purchase on the whole. It also got a good review on make up alley. However there were a few minor complaints.

One problem people have with the device is that it slows down when you put too much pressure on it. This is a bit of a problem because sometimes you need to apply more pressure to get those stubborn hairs. But you can just wait a few days for the hair to grow longer if worst comes to worst.

As would be expected you need to go over areas more than once to fully get the hair out. Two or three passes should be sufficient depending on your hair type.


Compared to a shaver the Smooth and Silky really is amazing. There’s no competition really. If you can handle the pain then it’s going to be much better. Both in terms of results, and the the amount of time the results lasts. On average it will takes about the same time as a shaver to remove hair from a certain area. Although waxing may get slightly better results, it just takes so long, and can get really messy.

As epilators go, the Smooth & Silky is extremely good. It’s an all round good device for the price. It’s perfect for someone who wants to try epilation from a decent product, but doesn’t want to spend too much.