Top 10 Most Dangerous Beauty Treatments

It may surprise you to know that it isn’t just cosmetic surgery procedures which can cause you harm. There are loads of  other common day-to-day treatments which can be dangerous in the wrong circumstances. Some can post a substantial risk of:

  • Infection
  • Cancer
  • Tissue damage
  • Scarring

Here are the top 10 treatments which can potentially be the most dangerous:


10. Manicure / Pedicure

How can a manicure be dangerous? Although problems aren’t common you should always be aware of the risks. Some nail polishes, although being labeled toxic free, can contain chemicals that are linked to cancer and birth defects.

Other times a salon may use cuticles which haven’t properly been cleaned. This can spread infection from person to person. Book an appointment at the start of the day so you know the tools haven’t been used by loads of women before you!

eye9. Eye Lash Tinting

To be able to do the job properly, the tinting solution needs to have some quite harsh chemicals in it. Unfortunately there aren’t any natural eye lash tints. The biggest danger can come from allergic reactions, however a patch test can eliminate this danger.

As the procedure deals with the eyes there is always going to be a greater risk of complications. Swelling, inflammations or in the worst cases blindness could occur. It’s essential to visit a reputable salon if you want this treatment.

Flash and go8. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has greatly increased in safety recently. So much that home devices have been FDA approved. However if used on the wrong skin and hair types burns can be caused. In addition, if too much treatment is received the skin can blister which may lead to infection if not properly treated.

During facial hair removal there are also risks to the eyes if proper care isn’t taken. Protective eye wear must be worn

inject7. Botox

Botox essentially paralyses muscles, which is how it smooths out wrinkles in the forehead. But sometimes things can go wrong. Sometimes the Botox can drop down from your forehead towards your eyes. This can give you a droopy looking face. Luckily it isn’t permanent.

However rarely the Botox can cause death. This happens when the Botox gets into a vital organ like the heart and the paralysing effect occurs.

chemical-hair6.  Keratin hair straightening

This sort of treatment involves the use of chemicals to straighten your hair. After the chemicals are applied they’re fused to your hair with normal hair straightening methods. There are a few dangers associated with the treatment. The chemicals contain formaldehyde which can cause complications when inhaled.

This can cause a number of problems involving the nervous system, respiratory system and eyes. It can also cause short term problems such as nausea chest pains and rashes.

face5. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels – they even sound a bit risky don’t they? If done properly, like many of the treatments on this page, they don’t post much of a risk. However if done by an inexperienced practitioner the skin can become open, raw, and feel very painful indeed. This obviously makes you very susceptible to infection.

Swelling may also occur which can temporarily impact vision. Home peels are weaker and may be safer.

pool4. Bikini Waxing

We’re sure you know about some of the horror stories associated with the pain of a bikini wax. But that’s not where the dangers lie. Life threatening bacterial infections are the most dangerous risk.

The pubic hair is in place to protect the sensitive genital region, and being waxed completely removes the protection it provides. Remember waxing doesn’t just remove hair, but the top layer of skin too. This allows bacteria to very easily enter the skin and cause infection.

water-colon3. Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation can go very wrong if done badly! Essentially the process involves the removal of faeces from the colon using jets of water. However there are numerous things which can go wrong with the treatment.

There could be a risk of infection from equipment which hasn’t been properly cleaned and the treatment can also cause an electrolyte imbalance. This can then lead to cardiac problems.

If the procedure is done very badly there’s always a chance that the colon could be punctured too. Ouch!

fish2. Dr Fish

These are the little fish which can suck the dead skin off your feet to reveal the new fresh & healthy layers beneath. However the treatment is actually banned in several states. This is because the same fish may come into contacts with loads of different patients during the day.

This is a very easy way to spread infection. There is even a low risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis C, especially for those who have weak immune systems.

tanning1. Sun Beds

There is no doubt that sun beds can cause cancer. In fact they’re on the same level as smoking or asbestos exposure! Consistent use can greatly increase the risk of skin cancer and melanoma of the eye. The danger is especially increased in those using sunbeds before they’re 30 – the risk of getting melanoma is increased by a massive 75%!

So use sun beds responsibly or better yet, get a spray on tan.

Generally speaking no treatment is inherently over risky if it has been approved by the FDA. It comes down to whose performing the procedure. Even someone plucking out your eyebrow hairs can be dangerous if they accidentally stab you in the eye! Many treatments are also only dangerous if you do them to excess.

It’s all about using common sense and finding a treatment provider you can trust.