Top 10 Beauty Blogs

On this site we don’t focus on cosmetics tips, make up, style or fashion. But obviously it’s a massive part of feeling great about yourself. Luckily there are loads of blogs which do the job better than we could anyway. There are quite a few worthy of mention, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to our favourite 10. The fact is all of these blogs are really good, so don’t pay too much attention to the order. They are just blogs I personally love to read.



Wow this blog is big! It has been running since 2007 and features product reviews and testings of pretty much everything – make up, skin care, accessories and even foreign brands.

There are some excellent photos of the products & the results they can achieve. Really good for buying ideas.



Yes not really a blog but close enough! All of its content is user-generated. A very popular site which features loads of mini reviews by people on a wide range of beauty products. There is a simple scoring system out of 5.

You can usually get a ton of different opinions on products, which can really help separate the truth from the marketing hype.



Beautysnob is a selective editorial on beauty. It’s not just about product reviews. This blog has posts on health, the best value products and celebrity beauty too covering thousands of pages.

Perfect for buying ideas and finding some bargains.


futurederm-01This is a beauty blog with more of a scientific outlook. They know the scientific principles behind the products so know why things do / don’t work. Lots of the articles are backed up by proper references to authoritative sources.

The reviews are usually in more depth than some of the other blogs too. Many blogs just give an analysis which lasts a few hundred words. Not with Futurederm.


bella-01Focuses on hair, make up and skin. Slightly more of a corporate feel to this blog but it’s an incredibly professional and high quality site.

There are tutorials on hair, make up, fashion, style guides, celebrity fashion features, interviews, and news pieces. Bellasugar cover pretty much everything you need.


beautyjunkie-01In contrast to the above blog beautyjunkiesunite isn’t as professional looking. But the blog as a whole does feel much more genuine. You can tell the writers really care about cosmetics.

Essentially the blog features product reviews which are tested and honestly evaluated. Products from acne treatment, to anti aging and bronzer.


canadianbeauty-01Canadianbeauty has been running since 2006 as it says on the site “it’s been a labour of love …”. Run by one person (Henna) who just loves talking about beauty products and style.

Not just reviews but a lot of cool articles & features. For example current trends, celebrities, tips and electronic gadgets (similar to the ones we look at).


gottaspa-01One of the oldest beauty blogs on the net. It has consistently been nominated for best blog awards. The writing is detailed, but easily digestible. It’s tells you what you need to know and doesn’t bore you with unnecessary details.

Lots of topics are covered like hair care, men’s grooming, teeth whitening, perfume and spa treatment reviews. There is a bit of everything.


tech-01A professional blog which combines the best of both worlds. A highly professional site which also has had a lot of love and detail go into it.

There is a wide range of rich content on the site which come in all forms. From purely information based articles, to opinion pieces and advice. These cover areas such as dieting, fitness, beauty gadgets, fashion and make up.


temptalia-01A fantastic high quality blog with everything you could ask for. It looks great, has lots of content, has a clear scoring system on the reviews and features very high quality in-depth content.

The blog gets over 1 million visitors every single month and despite its size, the content is only written by one person – Christine Mielke. There are also some great tools like find your foundation match. An essential blog if you love fashion, style and beauty.