Top 10 Beauty Products

It was very hard to pick this list! There are so many amazing products out there, all coming in different shapes, sizes, and covering different price ranges. Hopefully we’ve included a range of products in this list suitable for everyone – a nice mixture of electronic and non electronic products. Some are featured on our home beauty products page too. For a product to be included in the list it needs to be one (but not all) of the following:

  • Extremely innovative
  • A wonder of technology
  • Great value
  • Simple & effective

Although this is a top 10 list, they are all excellent products. Don’t pay too much attention to order!

Almost every top 10 list out there seems to do that annoying click to see the next on our list thing. Not this one. Here they are:

1. Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System

ClarisonicIf you’ve not heard of the Clarisonic Mia it basically works as a combined make up remover and pore cleanser. After using it you’ll wonder how you ever managed before. It really does leave your skin feeling perfect.

It’s even waterproof so you can use it in the bath & shower. Just apply the cleanser and let the Sonic cleaning begin. This is number 1 because of the results it gets – incredible. It’s not too expensive either, considering it will probably become your favourite beauty device.

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2. Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200 Hair Dryer

turbo hair dryOne of the best value hair dryers on the market. Gets your hair straight & dry very quickly without costing too much at all. It’s perfect for home and professional use and should last a life time. Think of it as an investment!

The Turbo Power hair dryer range are constructed in Italy. They come with an amazing sleek & lightweight design and feature anti overheating technology. Certainly one of the best value products in the top 10.

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3. Tria Laser Hair Removal

tria2Not everyone loves laser hair removal, and not everyone thinks the Tria deserves to be in a top 10 list. But its technological achievement must be respected. It has brought something that required 1. an expensive machine and 2. a trained professional, into the mainstream. The device is always improving and provides great results given enough time.

Hopefully the price will come down in the future too. However it’s worth it even at the current price.

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4. Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer

concealerThis is a mega long-lasting, oil free, waterproof, matte finish concealer. It can pretty much cover anything like scars, tattoos and bruises because of its high concentration. Many concealers claim they can cover everything but this Make Up For Ever product really does.

It has lots of life time fans who claim it’s a miracle worker – especially for covering acne scars. It just doesn’t disappoint. An amazing concealer for a good price.

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5. Shany Cosmetics Magnetic Nail Polish

shanynailYou can get some incredible results with magnetic nail polish which makes non magnetic nail polish look plain boring! It really gives an instant wow factor and turns your nails into a work of art in just a few minutes.

You put the polish on then hold a magnet over your nails for a few seconds. The magnet brings out a pattern (which you can change with different magnets) by bringing the iron powder to the surface.

Simple and looks amazing. From Shany Cosmetics.

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6. Soap & Glory : The Breakfast Scrub

soapandglorybreakfastAn under rated and little known (or so it seems) scrub from Soap & Glory that we thought deserves a mention. As you can probably guess the breakfast scrub is meant to be applied in the mornings.

It smells absolutely amazing (good enough to eat!) but more importantly makes your skin look and feel great. In our experience no other face scrubs come close which is why it’s strange that it’s not more popular. You won’t regret buying this.

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7. Spray on Dry Shampoo

A classic time saver and all round amazing product which hardly costs anything at all.


We’re not going to mention specific products (they all do the same) but you can see the range below.

The dry shampoo visually removes any sort of grease or oil in your hair. It leaves your hair feeling & looking fresh and clean. Obviously you still need to wash your hair! But in an emergency spray on shampoo is a life saver. It essentially sprays some sort of talcum powder onto your hair which absorbs the grease. Simple yet effective.

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8. Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara

tish-mascaraAn amazing mascara for around $30. It could easily be price twice that much and still be great value. It forms a water resistant tube around your lashes which dries instantly  It doesn’t smudge or smear. If you think that means it would be hard to take off you’re wrong. All it takes is some warm water.

This sort of tube mascara really does seem like the future. There are even reports of people falling asleep with it on and it still looking as good in the morning.

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9. Kerastase Hair TreatmentMASQUINTENSE-nourishing

Not just for treating damaged hair – it can be used to make any hair look amazing. Perfect for pretty much any hair type & style. You may have heard of it before, and we can say it certainly lives up to the hype. It’s a highly concentrated nourishing treatment which provides all the nutrition your hair needs.

You can really see how you hair gets an extra elasticy quality to it afterwards. It may be quite expensive but you don’t need that much. You don’t need to use it every day either. From Kerastase.

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10. Pangea Organic Facial Cream

pangera-facialPangea Organics make products which typically contain 30% more antioxidants than non organic products and don’t have any synthetic or petroleum-based chemicals in them. They show that those sorts of chemicals just aren’t necessary.

This facial cream gives excellent results and really relaxes you with its natural ingredients. Perfect for vegans but it’s not just for people who want a completely organic product. If you want great results give it a try.

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