Top 10 Big Sites for Health & Beauty

Health and beauty is an incredibly popular topic for websites. There are literally hundreds of thousands of sites out there, and knowing which to choose as your go to site is going to seem like luck more than anything. Of course I’d like to think that is the place you’d go for anything to do with cosmetic treatments, problems and products!

But that’s the problem with smaller sites, and blogs. They may have some great information, but in terms of the quantity and depth of information, we’re no way near close. Let’s say this site gets really big – 500 pages. That’s nothing compared to WebMD – it has 8,410,000 pages in Google!

So the following is a list of sites is, in my opinion, what you should check out for your general health and beauty queries. Only the most complete and up to date resources are featured.


10. How Stuff Works

There isn’t a massive range of beauty content available (relatively speaking!), but anything which is covered, is covered is quite a lot of detail. So you get pages of in-depth knowledge about products, beauty treatments or problems. For example the section on if teeth can be shaved down isn’t just a 1 page FAQ but 4 pages long with extra resources.


9. eHow Beauty

The beauty section of eHow is massive. There will be an answer to practically any question you have. The main problem is that some of the articles are brief and don’t go beyond the obvious. When looking at a way to get rid of a certain problem, or when researching a treatment, you want loads of detailed information. Not just a series of bullet points. Regardless it’s always a good starting place.


8. Wikipedia

You may think this is an odd one – using wikipedia for health & beauty. But over the years I’ve found that the content on wikipedia has gotten better and better. They simply don’t allow poor entries and everything must be backed up by references and citations. A great source for getting a nice balanced view of a product / service. There is no spin or sales talk. Just facts.


Medicinenet is actually part of the WebMD network, something I only found out the other day. As such all if its information should be reliable and trustworthy. The information comes from over 70 board certified physicians. There are a few useful tools on the site such as the symptom checker, dictionary and quizzes. There is even a pet health section!

realself-016. RealSelf

Real self is cool because it gives you two things. Firstly there is a massive selection of reviews on various cosmetic treatments and processes. And secondly there are questions asked by members of the public which are answered by real cosmetic surgeons and professionals. So you know the information you’re getting on the site is going to be accurate.


Makemeheal is all about anti aging, health, beauty and cosmetic surgery. It has since evolved from an information source into a portal for products and services too. There is also a good community in the form of blogs and message boards. You can even share the date of any surgeries you’re having and post them on the site calendar. This allows members to support and help each other.


The health information section of Mayoclinic is excellent. Not only do they give you excellent information on all the key details, they have some really interesting articles. One such article entitled “Grapefruit juice: Beware of dangerous medication interactions” is written by a nutritionist. It’s this sort of article which make it better than some of the other sites. They answer the less obvious and interesting questions too.

livestrong-013. LiveStrong

I’ve always liked LiveStrong. They do everything so well. They don’t just have well researched articles on beauty procedures, dieting and exercise but also look at lifestyle and relationships too. LiveStrong has something for everyone. They don’t just directly cover health & beauty but everything which impacts it too. However in some articles LiveStrong somewhat suffers from similar problems to – detail.


From the writers of Health Magazine. This site also covers a massive range of relevant topics apart from health and beauty. It does them better than websites like eHow and too. They employ professional writers and experts. Hundreds of experts and patients have been consulted during the creation of content. The writing focuses on solving your problems.

webmd-011. Web MD

WebMD has it all. Detailed articles, a large quantity of information and well written content (written by qualified professionals). It doesn’t just cover the topics you want to find out about, but all those related to it which could interest you too. There are also some useful tools like the fitness and vaccine tracker and the symptom checker. Relevant reliable information targeted at health and beauty.