Top 10 Crazy & Weird Beauty Treatments

We all know about the traditional treatments out there like waxing, laser hair removal, and spray tans. But there are some of the lesser known treatments which are also available. Some of them have started to gain popularity because of celebrity endorsements. For example Victoria Beckham has used nightingale droppings and Demi Moore used leech therapy.

Many of these treatments have actually been around for thousands of years. Although they may seem a little odd, some of these treatments have actually been proven to have a positive impact. There is usually at least some science or theory backing them up. Do you dare to try them?

10. Snake Skin Manicure


This treatment involves the use of naturally shed snake skins. They are cut to the exact proportions of your nail and then sealed with a gel varnish and a color of your choice for a really interesting looking effect. Can last several weeks but costs up to $300! Guaranteed to stand out and animal friendly. The perfect match for other scale design clothing or accessories.

9. Bee-Venom Face Mask


This one is surprisingly popular! A quick Google search provides a ton of different products containing bee venom. Chemicals in bee venom can assist in tissue functions like lubrication, hydration, circulation, cell function and differentiation. So it can increase the rate at which old cells are removed and new ones are created. It doesn’t even sting!

8. Kitty Litter


This one popped up in my news feed the other day – treating your face and body with (fresh not used!) kitty litter. Kitty litter is essentially made up of bentonite clay, this is what high quality face masks are made from. They can remove toxins and free radicals from the body. See, not as crazy as it sounds! It’s much cheaper too. Just ask your cat if it’s ok first!

7. Face Slapping


Would you pay hundreds of dollars to be slapped in the face? This very natural treatment apparently shrinks pores, tighten skin and removes wrinkles. Although no studies have been done into the treatment, theoretically it could greatly improve circulation. It’s claimed that results can last up to 6 months. It doesn’t hurt as much as expected – your face will go numb after a while anyway.

6. Placenta on The Hair


For those who don’t know what placenta is; it’s afterbirth! This isn’t a new technique at all – the Chinese and Egyptians have been using it for over 2000 years. You can see why it would help the hair (and other body parts too!) – it transfers nutrients and is key for cell regeneration and rebuilding. Don’t worry it doesn’t usually come from humans – most commonly it comes from sheep or cows.

5. Urine Treatment


Some people use urine as a last-ditch method for treating acne. Urea, one of the key components in urine is also used in many face creams. Many advocates of the treatment believe it’s your own perfect brand of medicine! Obviously it’s not a completely tried and tested technique, but there are some people who claim they’ve had great results. It can also give your face a natural glow.

4. Nightingale Droppings


Another treatment which may sound new and crazy, but is actually an ancient practice. The nightingale droppings form a paste, which can then be made into a face mask. The mask can lock moisture into the skin and help in repairs. It also can make blemishes less obvious and has a natural whitening effect on your skin (it doesn’t bleach it in any way). Can even be bought online.

3. Wine Bath


Maybe not the first thing you’d think of doing with wine! You may have heard that wine is good for the skin – it can improve blood vessel strength and protect the nerve fibres, collagen and elastin. The effect doesn’t just work internally, it works on the outside of your skin too. Don’t worry the bath doesn’t need to be 100% wine, so just add a glass or two to your next bath to see if it works for you.

2. Hay Wrap


This treatment involves wrapping yourself in warm steaming hay. It can leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy. It essentially is a massage using hay, it’s relaxing rather than offering any skin based benefits. We all know how good fresh hay smells (unless you have hay fever!) so try this if you want something different.

1. Leech Therapy


Leeches can have a number of positive effects on the body. When they suck your blood a number of positive chemicals and enzymes are transferred over. There are a few creams which contain leech extract. But it’s always going to be better to get the real thing fresh! The results can be visible nearly straight away – the skin can appear younger, more radiant and smoother. Can also help with acne.

It could be tricky finding a clinic which offers these treatments, but some are certainly out there. Some from the list you can even try at home. Remember though, you should still ask professional advice before taking them, especially if you’re pregnant or have a severe skin condition.