Top 10 Essential Make Up Tips

makeupApplying makeup daily is a fun way to play with different looks, and can go a long way in enhancing our self-esteem. Many of us have been using it since we were pre-teens and may have developed some bad habits along the way.

Consider these ten key tips as a way to make the most out of your makeup routine.

1. Start With Great Skin

If your skin is not in great shape, then covering it with makeup will not really solve any problems. By keeping your skin moisturized, you will minimize quite a few common skin problems like fine lines and chronic dry patches. Makeup will blend beautifully on a moisturized face. Many drug store formulas offer comparable ingredients to the more expensive beauty counter options. Consistently apply it twice daily for optimum results.

2. Care For Your Peepers

Eye cream is not just for grandma any more.  The delicate skin around the eyes is often the first part of the face to show signs of aging. Invest in a cream you like and apply it every evening before bed. We look at some of the best eye creams here.

3. Embrace Your Brows

Whether you were born with the enviable brows of Brooke Shields or barely-there fuzzy lines, accentuating your brows will improve your overall look. Have your brows professionally shaped on a regular basis, and invest in a good brow enhancer formula in pencil or powder form to fill in any gaps. Finally, apply a dab of clear lash gel over your brows to set them. You will be amazed at the overall polished look well-manicured brows bring to your face.

4. Tools Are Everything

Quality makeup application brushes are an excellent investment, and if you take care of them they will last for many years. Even cheaper makeup formulas will go on smoothly with professional tools.

5. Mascara Pointers

Black mascara is used by makeup pros everywhere to accentuate eyes of any color. You do not need an expensive formula to really make eyes pop. Apply two to three coats for day, and feel free to play with more layers for evening looks.

6. Foundation Basics

A well-blended foundation can help you avoid the dreaded mask-like look some women develop when their foundation cakes. It can be helpful to visit a makeup counter to get tips from a pro on blending basics. If you have great skin, then you may want to skip applying foundation over your whole face. Instead, focus on applying concealer to trouble spots, like under the eyes.

7. Accentuate the Positive

Do you have big, beautiful eyes? Full lips? High cheekbones? Pick your best feature and play it up! Winged eyeliner and a lush lash will make large eyes pop. If you have lips like Angelina’s, then enhance them with a bold lip color. A shimmery highlighter will blend beautifully on sculpted cheeks.

8. Play with Trends, But Remember the Basics

Makeup trends change every season. It can be fun to play with new and funky colors, but do so in moderation. Glitter is fun and goes in and out of style, but a tiny dab goes a long way. Stick mainly to the colors and formulas that you know work well on your skin tone, and then feel free to add fun, trendy touches.

9. Embrace Lip Color

Show off some color on your lips! Many women shy away from reds, but everybody can find a red shade that will flatter. Sheer types look great on fair skin tones, while darker complexions can get away with deeper hues. Lip stain formulas are great choices for those who do not like lipstick.

10. Balancing Your Look

A well made up face will be symmetrical and each color choice will be complementary. If you are sporting a heavily shadowed, smoky eye, then downplay your lip color. Conversely, if you are rocking a deep lip shade, you will want to ease up on the eye makeup.

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