Top 10 Supplements & Vitamins for Promoting Healthy Skin

drugsYou don’t just want skin that looks good. You want it healthy. Unfortunately, time and external elements will have their impact. Whether you’re male or female, protecting your skin should be a priority through a solid diet and a good skin regimen. Here are ten supplements and vitamins that you should take advantage of to fight wrinkles, discoloration and even signs of aging.

Vitamin C

This goes at the top of the list for not only being a good solution, but because it’s so easily accessible that to not use it is almost foolish. Vitamin C works on both a topical and internal level. It has antioxidant elements that will protect the skin, promoting healthy doses of collagen while fighting harmful free radicals.


This supplement is key to improving skin health overall. Active components DHA and EPA are excellent for dealing with acne as they are anti-inflammatory agents. They help skin glow by providing essential oils. It’s also an excellent agent for dealing with dandruff and eczema.


Dieticians and other clinicians insist we should consume at least eight to ten servings of fruit and vegetables in a single day. That’s a pretty tough menu to meet, but the benefits to healthy skin are unparalleled. Dark fruits and veggies are best and you should get as many into your daily diet as possible, drinking in the nutritional rewards.

Hyaluronic Acid

This is an amazing supplement for aiding in skin hydration. Young skin tends to be smooth because of the high concentration of hyaluronic acid in the body. As we age, the concentration diminishes gradually. Skin becomes drier and skin cells begin to separate and the result is wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid holds water, keeping skin moist and healthy.

Digestive Enzymes

They do far more than help skin cells. They improve nail and hair health, and increase the blood supply. These proteins can better break down all those processed foods that tend to lack healing nutrients, aiding in the absorption of minerals and vitamins through the proper breakdown of foods.

B Complex

B vitamins help relieve stress and mild anxiety. Remember, healthy skin is a reflection of feeling healthy. Stress and other factors are instrumental in wrinkles and age lines. B complex can provide a strengthening of skin cells that most B vitamins cannot. So, while B vitamins are a must, B vitamin complex should a part of your supplements.

Vitamin E

The best vitamins work against dry skin by helping to retain natural moisturizers. They also create an excellent line of defense against skin damaging rays like ultra violet. Vitamin E has been shown to reduce skin ravaging free radicals. It’s excellent against UV, which is why it’s a component of most sunscreen applications.


This is the pinkish compound found in foods like krill and shrimp. It’s a powerful antioxidant in the fight against free radicals. Studies have demonstrated this supplement supports healthy skin and elasticity and improves appearance through reducing signs of wrinkles, age spots and dry skin.


The body requires zinc for the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is an agent that aids in skin healing and promotes its healthy look. Zinc is also a critical element for the proper functioning of enzymes that the body needs, especially in the repair of skin wounds, which can scar.


The thyroid gland is instrumental in our looks, thinking and feelings. When those things are positive, so is our skin, hair, etc. Iodine is an important component, providing nutrients to the thyroid gland and ensuring proper growth and development of metabolic processes.

Selecting vitamins and supplements should be approached as carefully as your diet and exercise regimen. Here’s a good resource for getting a solid handle on this and the best way to go about determining what’s likely best for your body.