Top 10 Tips For an Amazing Home Manicure


Heading out to get your nails done is certainly fun, but you don’t always have the time or money for it. When you want to give yourself an amazing manicure at home, what tips should you follow?

1. Completely Remove the Old Polish

Before you even start to work toward your new nail color, make sure the old polish is entirely removed. Even if the color on the bottom is lighter than the new one you are putting on, you can still wind up with a spot that shows through. Wait a while after taking off the old polish so the remover doesn’t ruin the new one.

2. Don’t Skip the Pampering

You might be tempted to just rush into putting a new layer of polish onto your nails; however, you should still indulge in some of the pampering parts too. File your nails, push back the cuticle and get rid of those rough edges with a nail trimmer. On top of that, take the time to massage your hands with some lotion to get them nice and soft.

3. Using a Base Coat

It’s unlikely that you want to continuously have to repair this manicure, so take the necessary steps to ensure that it stays on. One way to accomplish this goal is by always using a base coat. These coats are designed to help the polish not smudge and get ruined within just a few minutes of wearing it.

4. Letting it Dry

Whether you are applying the base coat or one of the layers of polish, you need to wait until everything is drying before you move on to the next section. Obviously, smudges could occur. However, wet nail polish on top of wet nail polish can actually make the color come off as opposed to layering it on. So be patient!

5. Tackling Your Weak Hand

If you’re right-handed, you probably are a bit concerned about how you are going to utilize your left hand. It’s really not as hard as you think. Hold the brush in a way that feels comfortable to you, and taking care of that hand should be rather easy. Practice makes perfect. In the event that you are really having trouble, ask someone who lives with you to assist in that component.

6. Multiple Coats of Polish

The best manicures are going to involve multiple coats of polish as opposed to just one big lump of color. Yes, you need to wait in-between coats for them to dry. In most cases, two coats will do the trick and make your nails look fabulous.

7. The Top Coat

This coat is just as important as the base coat because it helps to set the polish, prevent it from cracking and stop your lovely manicure from being entirely destroyed. It might take a couple of tries to find a brand that you love.

8. Drying Methods

You can just let your hands sit out for awhile to dry, and you can catch up on some favorite television shows while doing that. If you think you’re going to be doing manicures at home on a regular basis, it might make sense to invest in a nail-drying kit to make sure you are always ready to go.

9. Making Designs

When you want to make a design, you are going to need some sharp skills with that little brush. Designs vary, so what you want could differ from what someone else wants. You may wish to use a tiny paintbrush to add some dots onto your look; you could also use a toothpick to craft some little designs.

10. Fixing Mistakes

Always make sure you have q-tips nearby to help you deal with any issues that arise. If you get nail polish on your skin, just use a q-tip with a little bit of remover to get it off.

As you can see, following these tips will help you get that at-home manicure right every time!

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