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10 Tips For Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

It’s not all about teeth whitening, but but keeping your teeth healthy. This is very important – you don’t want your mouth full of fillings or even worse; false teeth! I don’t know about you, but having false teeth is a real nightmare of mine. It’s also important to keep your teeth healthy because unhealthy teeth can’t be whitened. Here are 10 tips for keeping your teeth in tip top condition! 1. Use an Electric Toothbrush Electric toothbrushes can be really efficient. There have been several studies done which show that electric toothbrushes remove more plaque than normal regular ones. Your teeth should also feel

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Top 8 Beauty Tutorials

There is a lot of bad, and a lot of good stuff on youtube. Here we’ve done the hard work for you and found some of the best beauty tutorials out there! Done a great one yourself? Send us an email and we’ll give you a mention How To Apply False Lashes Apply false lashes can be a minefield – especially for those of us who’ve not done it before. This video tells you everything you need to avoid those nasty pitfalls: Plain & Simple Makeup A simple video for applying makeup – nothing over the top, but you should learn a thing or two.

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10 Beauty & Health Treatments You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time With


Although it’s normal for human being to want to believe in the benefits of the latest beauty and health treatments, the advice that you got from your grandmother is still the best. Although beauty and health trends come and go at an alarming rate, classic, substantial advice that has withstood the test of time hasn’t gone anywhere and most likely won’t any time soon. Your grandmother’s adage about fresh fruits and vegetables putting roses in your cheeks may not be as exciting as the reading about the latest weight loss miracle cure found in the flora hidden deep in remote jungles, but it’s a lot

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10 Things Which Are Making You Age Faster

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We all want to take care of ourselves as we age. Keeping ourselves healthy helps us feel better and look better, and there’s no better compliment than looking younger than your age. No matter how many creams we use and masks we apply, though, it’s not going to do us much good if we’re indulging in something else that’s more unhealthy for our skin. Here are 10 things to avoid that will make you look older faster. 1. Cigarette Smoke This applies to both first hand and second hand smoke. It’s just bad for your skin all around. It dries out your skin and increases

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Skin Conditions – The 10 Weirdest

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There are different types of skin diseases and each type will have its own unique characteristics. If you think that you have issues with age spots, wrinkles as well as blemishes, think again! There are a lot of weird skin disorders that are often life threatening, debilitating, and inexplicable to health care professionals. 1. The Smurf Disease Also known as Argyria, the Smurf Disease is a condition that involves the changing of the color of the skin to blue. It was in 2008 when a native of Oregon named Paul Karason shocked the world with his blue skin. The cobalt skin colors have appeared on

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Top 10 Beauty Products You Can Make At Home


Women spend billions of dollars every year on beauty products. Unfortunately, most commercial products contain harmful chemicals which can build up in the body over time. In order to both save money and avoid chemical exposure, many women are turning to alternative, all-natural beauty treatments they can make at home. Many homemade beauty products can be mixed up quickly in the kitchen with nothing more than a few grocery or drug-store ingredients. You can start saving money and truly nourishing your skin and hair. Here are the top 10 beauty treatments you can make right now. read more

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Top 10 Tips For a Better Beauty Sleep


Unless you are very young, you probably already know that getting enough rest is essential to looking your best. This can sometimes be difficult, however, in today’s busy world. With so many people living hectic lives, sleep frequently seems to come in last on our lists of priorities. Getting a proper amount of sleep can not only help you function better during the day, it provides you with that well rested look that contributes to overall attractiveness. Following are 10 tips that can help you achieve your goal of a good night’s sleep. read more

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The Top 10 Most Expensive Non Surgial Beauty Treatments


Many women want to remove signs of aging, but don’t always want to undergo invasive plastic surgery. There are many innovative treatments that can lessen the effects of sun damage, age spots, facial hair, wrinkles, turkey neck and more. This is a list of 10 of the most expensive non-surgical beauty treatments. The costs are based on typical costs for one treatment. But remember you will probably need several treatments in most cases. Remember these treatments prices can differ substantially depending on a wide range of factors. So these prices may not apply to everyone. read more

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Top 10 Supplements & Vitamins for Promoting Healthy Skin


You don’t just want skin that looks good. You want it healthy. Unfortunately, time and external elements will have their impact. Whether you’re male or female, protecting your skin should be a priority through a solid diet and a good skin regimen. Here are ten supplements and vitamins that you should take advantage of to fight wrinkles, discoloration and even signs of aging. Vitamin C This goes at the top of the list for not only being a good solution, but because it’s so easily accessible that to not use it is almost foolish. Vitamin C works on both a topical and internal level. It

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Top 10 Tips For an Amazing Home Manicure


Heading out to get your nails done is certainly fun, but you don’t always have the time or money for it. When you want to give yourself an amazing manicure at home, what tips should you follow? 1. Completely Remove the Old Polish Before you even start to work toward your new nail color, make sure the old polish is entirely removed. Even if the color on the bottom is lighter than the new one you are putting on, you can still wind up with a spot that shows through. Wait a while after taking off the old polish so the remover doesn’t ruin the

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10 Ways to Save Money on Beauty Treaments


Whether performed at the salon, or performed at a clinic, certain beauty treatments can be incredibly expensive. There are however a number of things you can do to reduce the costs. This just involves a little effort and planning. But it’s well worth it. Here are 10 approaches you can potentially take to save hundreds of dollars! 1. Cheapest Isn’t Always Best We all want that quick cheap beauty fix which will instantly improve our skin. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible. The majority of treatments don’t work in only one session. This is especially true with treatments like laser resurfacing, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion.

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Top 10 Tips For Healthy Hair

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Everyone wants a healthy head of hair. It really can make an incredible difference towards your overall appearance. There are certain quick and simple things you can do to help maintain their hair and keep it in better condition. Here are our top 10 tips for healthy hair. 1. Nutrition Nutrition plays a vital role not only in how the body functions, but also appearance. Eating the right foods promotes healthy hair. Hair needs protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D in order to maintain strength. A good source of these include salmon, herring, trout, pumpkin seeds, and avocado. Walnuts also contain these nutrients in

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