10 Ways to Save Money on Beauty Treaments

dollarsWhether performed at the salon, or performed at a clinic, certain beauty treatments can be incredibly expensive. There are however a number of things you can do to reduce the costs. This just involves a little effort and planning. But it’s well worth it. Here are 10 approaches you can potentially take to save hundreds of dollars!

1. Cheapest Isn’t Always Best

We all want that quick cheap beauty fix which will instantly improve our skin. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible. The majority of treatments don’t work in only one session. This is especially true with treatments like laser resurfacing, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion. If you just get one treatment you’ll be wasting your money. You won’t be likely to see results, and if you do, they won’t last for very long.

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Top 10 Tips For Healthy Hair

Source : Flickr s-a-m

Everyone wants a healthy head of hair. It really can make an incredible difference towards your overall appearance. There are certain quick and simple things you can do to help maintain their hair and keep it in better condition. Here are our top 10 tips for healthy hair.

1. Nutrition

Nutrition plays a vital role not only in how the body functions, but also appearance. Eating the right foods promotes healthy hair. Hair needs protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D in order to maintain strength. A good source of these include salmon, herring, trout, pumpkin seeds, and avocado. Walnuts also contain these nutrients in addition to biotin, copper, and vitamin E, which helps protect hair against damage.

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Top 10 Essential Make Up Tips

makeupApplying makeup daily is a fun way to play with different looks, and can go a long way in enhancing our self-esteem. Many of us have been using it since we were pre-teens and may have developed some bad habits along the way.

Consider these ten key tips as a way to make the most out of your makeup routine.

1. Start With Great Skin

If your skin is not in great shape, then covering it with makeup will not really solve any problems. By keeping your skin moisturized, you will minimize quite a few common skin problems like fine lines and chronic dry patches. Makeup will blend beautifully on a moisturized face. Many drug store formulas offer comparable ingredients to the more expensive beauty counter options. Consistently apply it twice daily for optimum results.

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The Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Skin

body-scarThe skin is a fascinating organ. But the average person know surprisingly little about it. Are you familiar with these facts?

1. Skin account for a massive 15% of your body weight. This isn’t surprising when you consider it can have an area of over 2 meters and is the largest organ in the body.

2. You loose around 1 million skin cells every day. That’s over 40,000 an hour, 700 a minute and 10 a second. But don’t worry. You have 1.6 trillion skin cells in total.

3. The thinnest skin on your body is just 0.02 mm thick. Can you guess where it is? Your eyelids! The thickest skin on your body is found on your feet. It’s around 1.5 mm thick.

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10 Long Term Treatments Which Are Really Worth It

Looking good takes lots of time and effort doesn’t it? Not necessarily!

Do you ever get tired applying make up if you’re only going out for 10 minutes? Or do you just want to look your best for a special occasion and have the results last for weeks or months afterwards?

The following treatments can improve your image and save you hours of you time every single month. Here are some of the best semi permanent treatments available right now:

1.Double Eye Lid Surgery

This is especially popular in Korea right now. Having a single eyelid (not like the one above) is a problem that many Asian and some Caucasian women have. The process involves making the a single eye lid into a double one. This can have additional visual benefits when make up is applied. There are a number of procedures which can be performed which vary in how invasive they are.

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Beauty Treatments

It may surprise you to know that it isn’t just cosmetic surgery procedures which can cause you harm. There are loads of  other common day-to-day treatments which can be dangerous in the wrong circumstances. Some can post a substantial risk of:

  • Infection
  • Cancer
  • Tissue damage
  • Scarring

Here are the top 10 treatments which can potentially be the most dangerous:


10. Manicure / Pedicure

How can a manicure be dangerous? Although problems aren’t common you should always be aware of the risks. Some nail polishes, although being labeled toxic free, can contain chemicals that are linked to cancer and birth defects.

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Top 10 Foods For Reducing Free Radical Damage

spiceWe’ve talked quite a bit about free radicals and the damage they can cause.

For those who are unfamiliar with them, they are essentially molecules in your body which are unstable. Therefore they seek to bond with other molecules to stabilize themselves. Unfortunately this damages the molecule in question which causes aging or worse, cancer.

Luckily there’s something we can do about it – antioxidants. They can help prevent damage to your molecules. Here are some of the best foods to consume if you want to increase the amount of antioxidants in your system.

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Top 10 Crazy & Weird Beauty Treatments

We all know about the traditional treatments out there like waxing, laser hair removal, and spray tans. But there are some of the lesser known treatments which are also available. Some of them have started to gain popularity because of celebrity endorsements. For example Victoria Beckham has used nightingale droppings and Demi Moore used leech therapy.

Many of these treatments have actually been around for thousands of years. Although they may seem a little odd, some of these treatments have actually been proven to have a positive impact. There is usually at least some science or theory backing them up. Do you dare to try them?

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Top 10 Beauty Blogs

On this site we don’t focus on cosmetics tips, make up, style or fashion. But obviously it’s a massive part of feeling great about yourself. Luckily there are loads of blogs which do the job better than we could anyway. There are quite a few worthy of mention, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to our favourite 10. The fact is all of these blogs are really good, so don’t pay too much attention to the order. They are just blogs I personally love to read.

10. Musingsofamuse.com


Wow this blog is big! It has been running since 2007 and features product reviews and testings of pretty much everything – make up, skin care, accessories and even foreign brands.

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Top 10 Big Sites for Health & Beauty

Health and beauty is an incredibly popular topic for websites. There are literally hundreds of thousands of sites out there, and knowing which to choose as your go to site is going to seem like luck more than anything. Of course I’d like to think that cosmetbeauty.com is the place you’d go for anything to do with cosmetic treatments, problems and products!

But that’s the problem with smaller sites, and blogs. They may have some great information, but in terms of the quantity and depth of information, we’re no way near close. Let’s say this site gets really big – 500 pages. That’s nothing compared to WebMD – it has 8,410,000 pages in Google!

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Top 10 Beauty Products

It was very hard to pick this list! There are so many amazing products out there, all coming in different shapes, sizes, and covering different price ranges. Hopefully we’ve included a range of products in this list suitable for everyone – a nice mixture of electronic and non electronic products. Some are featured on our home beauty products page too. For a product to be included in the list it needs to be one (but not all) of the following:

  • Extremely innovative
  • A wonder of technology
  • Great value
  • Simple & effective

Although this is a top 10 list, they are all excellent products. Don’t pay too much attention to order!

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